The Last American Virgin (1982)

This remake of a hit Israeli comedy may have an ending that is truly unexpected, but can prove to be a somewhat realistic one, and yet it doesn’t even come close to hindering the fact that this is an underrated 80’s gem of a film. Gary is a local high schooler and pizza delivery driver […]

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Roaring Fire (1982)

Japanese star Hiroyuki Sanada takes the spotlight in this 80’s action film that sometimes has borderline madness, but it is an overall action filled ride for revenge and honor. Joji Hibiki is a Japanese-born Texas-raised rancher who thrives on the land. However, his life changes when his father is on his deathbed and the shocking […]

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Postman Strikes Back (1982)

Hong Kong film legend Chow Yun-Fat has always been good with a pair of guns. In this Yuen Clan film, Chow gets to do unarmed martial arts in this pretty decent thriller starring Bryan Leung. In a time of revolution, Master Hu has a package to be delivered to Jiao Long, the leader of a […]

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Death Wish II (1982)

Charles Bronson returns to the role that made him an action icon eight years later, reuniting him with director Michael Winner. Paul Kersey has moved on with his life and now lives in Los Angeles. While working his day job as an architect, he has brought his daughter Carol, who has slowly improved due to […]

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Zapped! (1982)

1982, Apple/Rose Productions/City Films/Embassy Pictures/Thunder Associates Director: Robert J. Rosenthal Producer: Jeffrey Apple Writers: Robert J. Rosenthal Bruce Rubin Cinematography: Daniel Pearl Editing: Robert A. Ferretti Cast: Scott Baio (Barney Springboro) Willie Aames (Peyton Nichols) Robert Mandan (Walter J. Coolidge) Felice Schachter (Bernadette) Scatman Crothers (Dexter Jones) Roger Bowen (Mr. Springboro) Mayra Small (Mrs. Springboro) […]

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Kill Squad (1982)

  One of the great American martial arts cult films of the 1980’s has the perfect tagline and adds a twist to the story. Joseph Lawrence is an electronics company owner whose world is rocked upside down one night when an attack at his home results in him being in a wheelchair and his wife […]

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