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So what exactly would you call a World Film Geek? Well, basically, I can best describe myself as someone who not only likes various genres of films, but am willing to check out films from various parts of the world. While I usually immerse myself in martial arts action films, teen comedies, and the occasional horror film, I do like to indulge sometimes in dramas, classics, anything depending on the mood. However, like many film fans, I do have a limit. When it comes to horror, I can only take so much of it or eventually get tired or not interested in a rom-com that just looks quite boring.

It helps that I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Studies and while I have a day job that I absolutely love, I have applied my degree by writing for nearly two decades about films. Upon asking a national film critic advice on how to become a film critic, he just said to “keep writing” and that’s exactly what I’m doing and there have been accomplishments along the way.

While I had another film blog, I decided to move it here and come up with a name I can best describe myself as. From 1999-2002 and briefly in 2010, I was an editor of the Hong Kong Movie Database. I had written for UK print publications Jade Screen and Screen Power from 2000-2004 then had written for the website Kung Fu Cinema from 2008 until its closing in 2015.

In addition, I have contributed to a compilation book on Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung entitled Enter the Fat Dragon: The Life and Films of Sammo Hung. I have also been acknowledged in Dying to Belong: Gangster Films in Hollywood and Hong Kong by Martha P. Nochimson (who was my mentor in Film Studies) and Peter Chan’s He’s a Woman, She’s a Man by Dr. Lisa Odham Stokes. I recently was involved in contributions to the 2nd edition of the Historical Dictionary of Hong Kong Cinema by Lisa Odham Stokes and Rachel Braaten.

In 2013, I was nominated for an Honor Award at the Martial Arts History Museum for my writings at the now defunct Kung Fu Cinema. I still feel to this day that this was one of the biggest accomplishments of my writing career. In addition, three of my review quotes have been featured on DVDs of the U.S. releases of 2002 Japanese action film Blood Heat, the 2013 sequel Green Street Hooligans: Underground, and the 2018 comedy Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece.

In addition to this film blog, I occasionally make contributions to the Internet Movie Database. 

“I am a World Film Geek…and I’m damn proud of it.”


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  1. Hello Albert, PLEASE if you haven’t check out the trailer for upcoming action thriller feature film MANHUNT… please like and share with everyone you know we really appreciate love and support….THANK YOU.
    Much love and respect to Executive Producer Robert Parham for helping make it happen.

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  2. Thank you for your review of the film “ BALDKNOBBER” by Bear Creek Productions. We worked hard to stay true to the story. The project required 82 featured actors, over 200 riders and horses and 500 extras to bring it to the screen. It required 5 years overall to complete the film. I appreciate that you understand the efforts and hardships in working on a small budget. As you know, the story is true and many of the people involved are direct descendants of the actual baldknobber members. We cannot allow stories like this be lost from history. Branson, Missouri gets over 8 million visitors per year for our live shows and entertainment venues. We cannot let the truth fade from memory. This was and continues to be our goal. – Michael Dennis Johnson – Writer, Producer, Director. Your review has been posted on our Facebook where we have 4000 or so followers.


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