“Rambo” Remake Moved Back to 2019

Back in mid-2017, it was announced that India’s Original Entertainment would be remaking five films from Millennium Films, including Rambo which will see actor and martial artist Tiger Shroff in the role immortalized by Sylvester Stallone. Nothing has been heard since the poster was unveiled, but an update was revealed and it now involves that […]

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A Flying Jatt (2016)

Bollywood’s new generation martial arts action hero, Tiger Shroff, goes the superhero route in this film that starts out quite funny before things get real. Malhotra, an unscrupulous businessman, has been transporting toxic waste to a local facility near a lake. However, to speed delivery up, he intends to build a bridge but there stands […]

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RJLE Films Picks Up “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich” for August Release

Blade and the gang are back and RLJE Films has picked them up. RLJE Films has picked up the North American rights to Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the thirteenth installment of the classic horror franchise. The film stars Thomas Lennon, Udo Kier, Jenny Pellicer, Nelson Franklin, Charlene Yi, Michael Pare, and Barbara Crampton. In […]

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Supercon (2018)

Have you attended a comic con and got tired of arrogant icons who think they are above everyone else and wanted to do something about it? The guys in this film attempt to do just that in Zak Knutson’s raucous heist comedy. Keith Mahar was the co-star of a 80’s television series called Future Force. […]

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Heropanti (2014)

This attempt at launching a new star is a fun and wild ride revolving around love and having the attitude of a hero and that star’s name is Tiger Shroff. When Mr. Chaudhary, the patriarch of the most powerful family in Jat Land village, attempts to betroth his eldest daughter Renu to a man she […]

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