Bleeding Steel (2017)

Jackie Chan goes sci-fi in this very strange action film that if you miss even a second of it, it will prove to be confusing. Lin Dong is a Chinese police officer who lost his daughter to leukemia on the day he is set to begin a mission to move Dr. James, a bioengineering pioneer, […]

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Bleach (2018)

Tite Kubo’s beloved manga turned anime finally has a live-action adaptation that thanks to the performances of its cast, makes this a worthy adaptation to enjoy. High schooler Ichigo Kurosaki is a young man who has a certain ability that no one in his class has and that is the power to see ghosts. Having […]

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Redbad (2018)

Dutch director Roel Reiné returns to the historical epic film with this tale of an exiled heir who returns to right the wrongs that have plagued his village. In the village of Dorestad, Frisian King Aldigisl reigns in hopes of having his son Redbad take the throne in the near future. However, Redbad’s undying love […]

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Final Score (2018)

Dave Bautista becomes a one-man army in this action-packed thriller that can be described as a 21st-century Sudden Death with a bit of a twist. Mike Knox is an ex-soldier who has come to London to visit the widow and daughter of a fallen comrade, who sees Mike as family. Mike, still reeling from the […]

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