Wisconsin-based martial artist and stuntman Jarrod Crooks is a cop with a crazy assignment in this indie action film that has some pretty good fight scenes mixed with comic relief.

Jake Wyndem is a local cop whose been getting in serious trouble for his unorthodox actions. When his latest involves catching a thief with a bag, things end badly when the thief falls to his death. At risk of losing his job, Jake even finds himself with more problems when his girlfriend leaves him for another man, affecting his well-being. However, Jake is about to get what he needs. A vacation. However, there is a catch.

Jake’s superior, the Captain, just can’t seem to let his 18-year old daughter Brooke grow up. When she takes a last vacation before law school, Jake is asked by the Captain to keep an eye on her. Pretending to be an EMT, Jake attracts Brooke’s attention, but in a shocking twist of events, Jake is also eyed by hotel clerk Kristy. Jake finds himself in a serious predicament. Things are about to get worse, as Valens, a notorious crime lord, seeks revenge on Jake as the thief who had died was Valens’ son.

Inspired by the likes of Jackie Chan and the Hong Kong action comedies, Jarrod Crooks crafted this fun and action-packed adventure and one thing’s for sure. Crooks knows his stuff. Shot in his home state of Wisconsin, Crooks directs, produces, writes, choreographs, and stars in the lead role of Jake, a cop on the verge of losing everything when he gets an assignment he doesn’t care about and yet he gets to take a bit of a vacation at the same time.

The supporting cast is fun to watch as well, especially when Jake inadvertently gets himself in a love triangle between Katrina Simyab’s Brooke, the daughter of the police chief; and Kaylyn Statza’s Kristy, the hotel clerk who does know about Jake’s real profession as a cop. Jose Manuel, star of Puerto Rico’s 1st martial arts action flick, The Witness, plays Jake’s former partner and best friend Kevin, who convinces Jake to take the vacation in the first place. Ric McCloud’s Bill Valens is the main villain of the film, who not only must retrieve his bag that was seen in the beginning, but the thief who Jake stopped was his son, who fell to his death, prompting him to seek revenge.

Crooks’ fight choreography is quite fun to watch. They have that Jackie Chan-style feel to them as exchanges are crisp and fast. Only one particular fight, in which we see Jake against three goofball frat boy types at a paintball place, suffered from a little bit of bad editing. However, don’t just rely on that because the rest of the action makes up for it. Also, in Chan-style fashion, there are outtakes running through the end credits.

Dispatched is Jarrod Crooks’ love letter to the golden age of Jackie Chan’s filmography. It is both fun and action-packed. Crooks is a face to look out for.


A JC Films production. Director: Jarrod Crooks. Producer: Rebecca Olbrantz. Writer: Jarrod Crooks. Cinematography: Jarrod Crooks. Editing: Jarrod Crooks.

Cast: Jarrod Crooks, Katrina Simyab, Jose Manuel, Kaylyn Statza, Ric McCloud, Gregory Kuper, Kimi Harris, Shannon McDonough.