Death Wish 3 (1985)

Paul Kersey is back in New York and this time, he’s planning to clean up the streets once again. But this time, he’s not alone. Living in Los Angeles has taken its toll on Paul Kersey. After avenging his daughter and returning to life, Paul decides to visit an old friend, Charlie, in New York […]

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Death Wish II (1982)

Charles Bronson returns to the role that made him an action icon eight years later, reuniting him with director Michael Winner. Paul Kersey has moved on with his life and now lives in Los Angeles. While working his day job as an architect, he has brought his daughter Carol, who has slowly improved due to […]

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Death Wish (1974)

Charles Bronson becomes a one-man vigilante force in this classic action film based on a Brian Garfield novel. Paul Kersey is a mild-mannered New York architect who lives a happy life both at work and at home with his wife Joanna and daughter Carol. However, one fateful day will change Paul’s life forever. When a […]

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The Silent Force (2001)

Loren Avedon and the late Karen Kim star in this action packed film about one man’s mission to avenge his entire team. FBI agent Frank Stevens has been part of an operation to take down an Asian crime syndicate led by Hue Gung Pao and his son Kim. When Kim is scheduled to make a […]

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Arena of the Street Fighter (2013)

German-born martial arts ace Mike Möller stars and directs this action packed film about one man’s shot at revenge against the gang responsible for his brother’s murder. What is interesting is that most of the film is told in flashback. Mikey, played by Möller, is a fighter who is in prison. After fighting an opponent, […]

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Dancing Ninja (2010)

Originally meant to be a sequel to Beverly Hills Ninja, this martial arts comedy is meant to be one of those not be taken seriously all thanks to one heck of a campy performance by “The Hoff”. Years ago, a baby was found on the harbor by Papasan, a local business owner who works as […]

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