Johnny Gruesome (2018)

Based on his award winning novel, Greg Lamberson unleashes his iconic character to the big screen and it is a fun and wild zombie film. High school senior Johnny Grissom loves heavy metal, horror films, and his girlfriend Karen Slatter. His best friend is athlete Eric Carter. Arriving at school one day, Johnny gets into […]

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Killer Kate! (2018)

Part-emotional drama and part-horror film, Elliot Feld’s feature film debut is a fun and wild of a bachelorette party gone completely wrong. Kate is a mild mannered worker who has been estranged from her younger sister Ange for the past few years. When Ange invites Kate to her bachelorette party, Kate is unsure at first. […]

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Roaring Fire (1982)

Japanese star Hiroyuki Sanada takes the spotlight in this 80’s action film that sometimes has borderline madness, but it is an overall action filled ride for revenge and honor. Joji Hibiki is a Japanese-born Texas-raised rancher who thrives on the land. However, his life changes when his father is on his deathbed and the shocking […]

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