Drunken Tai Chi (1984)

Donnie Yen is one of Hong Kong’s top action stars today and his illustrious career began with this classic kung fu comedy that was released nearly thirty five years ago. Cheng Do is a young man who spends his time playing and getting into all sorts of mischief, especially when it comes to showing up […]

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Seven Years of Night (2018)

A security officer and a vengeful father go head-to-head in this thriller from director Choo Chang-Min. Choi Hyun-Su is on the edge. He bought an apartment that can barely afford. His wife is constantly nagging him. To try to make ends meet, he has taken a job as a security supervisor at a remote village. […]

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Rendel (2017)

A director’s childhood creation comes to life in Finland’s answer to the superhero film. The VALA Organization have been successful in creating medicine that would help most of the area of Finland. However, the city of Mikkeli have had worry that there is something more sinister among VALA. The pharmaceutical company is actually a front […]

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Fists of Iron (1995)

In the 90’s, a young martial artist and aspiring filmmaker by the name of Michael Worth burst onto the screen. This is perhaps one of his best films during the heyday of 90’s straight-to-video action films. Dale Hartwell is a mechanic who just happens to have impeccable fighting skills and hangs out at a local […]

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Rage (1994)

Australian martial artist Richard Norton stars and choreographs this action packed film that screams B-movie, but is exciting nonetheless. 25 years ago, thugs have gunned down an American couple in Thailand, leaving their son Jack orphaned. Taken in by a prominent family, Jack was raised by Mr. Chang and begins training in the martial arts […]

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Bloodfight (1989)

Capitalizing on the 1987 Hollywood film Bloodsport, villain actor Bolo Yeung recreates his character in this well-made tournament film that showcases the talents of producer/actor Yasuaki Kurata and future Hong Kong superstar Simon Yam. At the 1989 World Championship of Free Fighting, Masahiko Kai awaits the challenger who he will face in the finals. Kai, […]

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Crank: High Voltage (2009)

In the 2006 film Crank, we were taken on a wild ride as hitman for hire Chev Chelios, played by British actor Jason Statham, found himself poisoned by a ruthless gangster. After a fall from a helicopter, people thought Chev was dead, but he’s not. In this insane sequel, the film picks up right where […]

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