Guyver 2 – Dark Hero (1994)

The Japanese-born superhero is back in this far more superior sequel in which its host attempts to find where the units come from. It has been a year since Sean Barker became the host of an alien-armored unit known as The Guyver. He has been using his powers to dispense vigilante justice incognito. However, he has been having nightmares that he cannot understand. When he … Continue reading Guyver 2 – Dark Hero (1994)

High Kicks (1993)

This film, made in the wake of the home video circuit, could be either an informercial for the predecessor of Tae Bo, an elongated Taster’s Choice commercial, or a women’s self-defense video. Actually, it turns out it somewhat melds all three. Sandy Thomas is the owner of the High Kicks aerobics studio. A sign for a part-time employee brings in newcomer Sam Monroe, a sailor … Continue reading High Kicks (1993)

A Tribute to Robert Tai (1953-2017)

The martial arts genre has lost a legend action designer. Robert Tai, the Taiwanese martial artist who is known for his stylish action designs and working with the likes of action heroes such as The Venoms, Alexander Lo and John Liu, lost his battle with cancer last week at the age of 64. Tai Chi-Hsien was born in 1953 to a military chief and his … Continue reading A Tribute to Robert Tai (1953-2017)

College Kickboxers (1991)

American B-martial arts films, generally, tend to somewhat have a lack of excellent fight choreography. There have been exceptions, like the No Retreat, No Surrender films to name a few. This underrated martial arts film is an exception as well, thanks in part to Hong Kong stuntman-actor Tang Tak-Wing, who gets his first lead role as well in this action film. James Caulfield is the … Continue reading College Kickboxers (1991)

Stickfighter (1994)

An ex-DEA agent seeks to avenge his partner’s murder in this throwback to the Cannon Films genre filled with exciting martial arts action courtesy of its lead star. During a major bust, DEA agents John Lambert and Alex Cartegenas have nearly taken down everyone. However, in the midst of the takedown, John is forced dealer Arvo Riley and in retaliation, Arvo’s brother Dirk guns down … Continue reading Stickfighter (1994)

Twin Dragon Encounter (1986)

Martin and Michael McNamara, Canada’s “Twin Dragons”, made their debut with this pioneering Canadian martial arts action film. Mic and Martin are twin brothers who run a martial arts school in Toronto. Deciding to take a much needed vacation, the duo invite their girlfriends Nancy and Tessa on a camping trip in a small island the brothers occasionally head to when they need a break. … Continue reading Twin Dragon Encounter (1986)

Day of the Panther (1988)

In the 1980’s, martial arts action films were popping up across Asia and the United States. In the mid-1980’s, Australian director Brian Trenchard-Smith, the man behind Jimmy Wang Yu’s The Man from Hong Kong (1975), made this Aussie martial arts action film that despite a standard plot features surprisingly well shot fight sequences. Jason Blade is a member of the Order of the Panther, a … Continue reading Day of the Panther (1988)