Everyone’s favorite British assassin returns for a new adventure that takes him to a new place and more and more adversaries to face.

After his quest for revenge in London, hitman extraordinaire Mike Fallon, known as the Accident Man, has decided to head to Malta to take a break. However, he is not alone as he has brought in a new friend in the form of Wong Siu-Ling, a tough-as-nails female martial artist who is there to help Mike decompress. Mike is also shocked to hear that his old friend Finicky Fred is there as well. Together, the duo does simple hits until they are tased and kidnapped.

The kidnapper in question is Mrs. Zuuzer, the head of a criminal organization. Her ungrateful son Dante has been targeted by sone of the top assassins in the world. With Fred as collateral, Mike has no choice but to protect Dante. Mike soon faces himself against some familiar faces that he has heard of but never had the pleasure to meet. However, there are some that he knows, including a face he never imagined coming across again.

2018’s Accident Man is definitely Scott Adkins’ passion project. Based on the now defunct graphic novel by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, this was considered one of Adkins’ best films thanks to the action and the ensemble cast. The question would then be, could Adkins and company up the ante with a sequel? The answer is a resounding yes!

Adkins triumphantly returns to the titular role of the Accident Man, Mike Fallon. We get to hear Adkins narrate the film and sometimes, it helps bring some comic relief. However, the real fun comes in the form of Sarah Chang’s Wong Siu-Ling. In constant references to the Pink Panther films, Mike is the Inspector Clouseau and Siu-Ling is the Kato, as they engage in constant “training” which results in a safe word and Mike paying Siu-ling for her troubles. In one scene, Siu-Ling even helps Mike out when it comes to a double dose of assassins attempting to kill the bratty Dante, played by George Fouracres.

Speaking of assassins, this film’s new crop of heavyweights is top notch. They may not be in the same league of sorts like a Michael Jai White, Ray Park, or an Amy Johnson. However, these assassins are in a league of their own. Standouts include Beau Fowler as the killer blue-haired crown Poco and the amazing Andy Long as the ninja warrior Oyumi. Poco wields a cinder block on a stick as a weapon while Oyumi has a stellar fight against Mike. Kudos goes out to the film’s fight choreography, which consists of Andy Long, Dante Hung, and the Accident Man himself, Scott Adkins with help from the likes of frequent Adkins collaborator Tim Man and co-director George Kirby.

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday is a wild and fun sequel that is a league of its own when it comes to sequel. It ranks up there with the original in terms of both story and action and the fact we have Scott Adkins in his first foray into fight choreography on this magnitude, along with the comic relief of the Clouseau/Kato relationship between Mike and Siu-Ling, this is a fun sequel to watch!


Samuel Goldwyn Films presents a Six Demon Films/Wonder Street/Link production. Directors: The Kirby Brothers. Producers: Scott Adkins, Craig Baumgarten, Ben Jacques, Joe Karimi-Nik, and Erik Kritzer. Writer: Stu Small; story by Scott Adkins and Stu Small; based on the graphic novel by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner. Cinematography: Richard C. Bell. Editing: The Kirby Brothers.

Cast: Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Sarah Chang, Perry Benson, George Fouracres, Flaminia Cinque, Andy Long, Faisal Mohammed, Beau Fowler, Peter Lee Thomas, Zara Phythian, Adam Basil.

The film will hit select theaters, On Demand, and Digital on October 14.