Death Wish II (1982)

Charles Bronson returns to the role that made him an action icon eight years later, reuniting him with director Michael Winner. Paul Kersey has moved on with his life and now lives in Los Angeles. While working his day job as an architect, he has brought his daughter Carol, who has slowly improved due to […]

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Teller Joins “Top Gun” Sequel

The Top Gun sequel has found Goose’s son. Miles Teller has beaten out Nicholas Hoult and Glen Powell for the coveted role of Goose’s son in Top Gun: Maverick, currently in production. The character of Goose was played by Anthony Edwards, who met a tragic fate in the original 1986 film. The son, who was […]

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Spidey Will Be “Far From Home”: Official Sequel Name Announced

In 2019, your favorite wall-crawling, web-slinging Marvel superhero is going to be Far from Home. In an Instagram post over the weekend, Tom Holland “accidentally” revealed the name of the sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. The title was confirmed by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️ […]

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