November’s Indie Action Spotlight

It’s that time! It’s the 1st Friday of the Month, so it is time for the Indie Action Spotlight, your stop for the latest in indie action films and stunt reels. This month’s Highlight Clip goes to Sam KJ‘s horror/action hybrid short Oni. In the film, Haunted teen Chris Hokama (Anthony Ma) is losing control of his blood-lust, so he […]

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Chasing the Dragon (2017)

Donnie Yen stars in this fact-based film on the life of one of Hong Kong’s most notorious drug lords with Andy Lau reprising a role from a two-film series in the 1990’s. In the year 1960, a man named Ho and his three best friends escaped China and headed for Hong Kong. There, they make […]

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The Four (2012)

Wuxia meets the supernatural in this standard period martial arts film that is the first of a proposed trilogy. In ancient China, the Emperor has a group of constables known as Department Six, led by Lord Liu and his right hand man Avalanche. They have a new recruit in female Ji Yaohua, who is assigned […]

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Slaughter in San Francisco (1974)

Released as both Yellow-Faced Tiger and Karate Cop, American martial arts champion turned superstar Chuck Norris plays the villain once again in this very typical modern day kung fu film from director Lo Wei. Don and John are two police officers in San Francisco. When they see a young woman, Sylvia Chu, apparently being raped, […]

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The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)

Two years before Sammo Hung played one of Wong Fei-Hung’s most beloved disciples, karate expert Larry Lee took the role of Lam Sai-Wing in this standard kung fu film that features some nice action scenes. A band of thugs have been terrorizing the town, extorting money from the local merchants. However, one man who dares […]

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Mayhem (2017)

A law firm company goes awry when a virus hits in this genre mashup film from director Joe Lynch, which seems to have a little message behind it. Derek Cho is a legal analyst who has risen through the ranks from his humble beginnings to his current position. However, in one fell swoop, his life […]

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