A team of elite soldiers reunites and gets more than what they bargain for in this action packed film from the producers of One Million K(l)icks.

It has been eight years since Commander Hans Sturm successfully completed his last mission before signing over his security company in order to live a normal life with wife Mikaela and daughter Annika. The most trusted soldier to work under the Commander is Gus, who in their last mission, defied orders to rescue his team despite losing two in the process. Hans informs Gus that he feels like he is being watched and after Gus leaves, Hans’ notions were correct. Hans is brutalized by a group of masked men and sent to the hospital but not before Mikaela is assaulted and killed and Annika is kidnapped.

Upon learning what has happened, Gus decides to reform his team of elite soldiers. Joe, Benny, Julia, Frank, Henry, and computer expert Flo make up the team who reunite to help track down Annika and avenge Mikaela. However, when Gus intends to bring Doc back into the fold, at first Doc is reluctant as he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, which led to him becoming a monk. Eventually, Doc rejoins the team and these soldiers are ready for their most dangerous mission yet.

Fans of action films are in for a major treat in this film from director Martin-Christopher Bode. The film features quite an ensemble cast that includes the likes of Mark Dacascos, Matthias Hues, and One Million K(l)icks’ lead Mike Möller. Making good use of its Germany locations, the film churns out a story that may be reminiscent of a 1980’s American martial arts film called Kill Squad, where members of an elite military team reunite to help their former commander. However, this film’s screenplay, by Marco Theiss, churns out many twists and turns that lead to many action scenes, and very exciting ones at that.

Dacascos takes the lead as Gus, who remains loyal to his former superior, played by Wolfgang Riehm. As the “leader” in the reunion mission, Gus at times seems to let his feelings get the best of him, resulting in possible dissention between members. Brandon Rhea also churns out a great performance as Doc, who goes from being a torturer to a tortured soul, thus his turn as a monk before rejoining the team. Mike Leeder, who also serves an executive producer on the film, brings out one of his toughest roles as team member Joe with his gruff manner while Mike Möller will truly astound fans with his impressive martial arts skills, which also brings shades of lucha libre with the use of some nicely used Hurricaranas into grappling. Möller was also responsible for the film’s fight scenes, in which he made everyone look impressive.

Matthias Hues, best known for his roles in 90’s American B-movie action films as well as his film debut as the villain in No Retreat, No Surrender II: Raging Thunder, gets to use his strength and kickboxing skills when needed as the giant Radowsky with Henry Muller bringing a brawler style of action as soldier turned police officer Henry. Yazmeen Baker as sniper Julia brings helps make Rhea’s Doc a pivotal character in the overall story with one of the film’s major twists. Martin Baden brings a sense of light-heartedness to the film in his role of the team’s technical expert Flo, who doesn’t get in on the action as expected but let’s his skills become useful to the mission.

If you love action films, then Ultimate Justice must be on your list. This is one ensemble cast you will enjoy seeing what they do best: kick butt and get names, and more butt kicking, and more getting names. A great story with intricate twists helps drive the film as well.


Vision Films and International Film Partners present a Silent Partners production. Director: Martin-Christopher Bode. Producer: Ruediger W. Kuemmerle. Writer: Marco Theiss, based on an original story from “don-e”. Cinematography: Alois Knapps. Editing: Daniel Weber and Andreas Urra.

Cast: Mark Dacascos, Brandon Rhea, Mike Leeder, Mike Möller, Wolfgang Riehm, Matthias Hues, Yazmeen Baker, Henry Muller, Martin Bader, Mathis Landwehr, Sandra Tauro, Fabienne Däumler, Verena Konietschke, Gerrit Grass, Susen Ermich.

The film will be released on DVD and VOD on October 3 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A special Thank You goes out to producer Ruediger W. Kuemmerle for allowing WFG to view the film.