Shock Wave (2017)

Andy Lau becomes the target of a revenge plot as the fate of Hong Kong is in his hands in this Herman Yau-directed action thriller. J.S. Cheung has risen through the ranks to become one of the most decorated officers of Hong Kong Police’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit. However, two years ago, he went undercover […]

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Ultimate Justice (2017)

A team of elite soldiers reunites and gets more than what they bargain for in this action packed film from the producers of One Million K(l)icks. It has been eight years since Commander Hans Sturm successfully completed his last mission before signing over his security company in order to live a normal life with wife […]

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The Limehouse Golem (2017)

Two cases interconnect in this period mystery film based on a novel by Peter Ackroyd. In late 19th-century London, performer Elizabeth Cree is on trial for the poisoning of her husband, aspiring playwright John Cree. At the same time, a series of murders have plagued the city from a killer dubbed “The Limehouse Golem”. Scotland […]

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Camera Obscura (2017)

2017, Chiller Films/Hood River Entertainment/Paper Street Pictures Director: Aaron B. Koontz Producers: Aaron B. Koontz Amir Zbeda Andrew van den Houten Writers: Aaron B. Koontz Cameron Burns Cinematography: Chris Heinrich Editing: Zach Passero Cast: Christopher Denham (Jake Zeller) Nadja Bobyleva (Claire) Catherine Curtin (Detective Dawson) Chase Williamson (Detective Ford) Noah Segan (Walt) Andrew Sensenig (Charlie […]

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The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017)

2017, A24 Films/Unbroken Pictures/Paris Film/Traveling Picture Snow Company/Zed Filmworks Director: Oz Perkins Producers: Bryan Bertino Adrienne Biddle Alphonse Ghossen Rob Paris Robert Menzies Writer: Oz Perkins Cinematography: Julie Kirkwood Editing: Brian Ufberg Cast: Emma Roberts (Joan) Kiernan Shipka (Kat) Lucy Boynton (Rose) James Remar (Bill) Lauren Holly (Linda) Emma Holden (Lizzy) Peter J. Gray (Rick) […]

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Phantom of the Theatre (2016)

A mysterious presence inside a movie theater leads to this meshing of genres from the creative mind of Manfred Wong with direction by Raymond Yip. Thirteen years ago, the Kong Family Acrobatic Troupe performed for Gu Wei-Bang, the son of a local general on his birthday. However, that night was also a fateful night where […]

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Dragon’s Claws (1979)

Sammy Lau of the famous Hung Gar family takes on the superkicker Hwang Jung-Lee in this kung fu action that has an interesting twist to the story. The Lung family are skilled experts in the Dragon style of kung fu. The patriarch, Chen-Tien, is the head of a local school while his son Hsia is […]

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