Maximum Impact (2018)

Alexander Nevsky returns and this time, he may have found his most successful film to date with a combination of a fun ensemble cast, the director of Romeo Must Die, and the writer of the original Rush Hour. Since the end of the Cold War, relations between the U.S. and Russia have not been great. […]

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Mandy (2018)

After seeing this film, viewers may never want to put Nicolas Cage on the wrong side as he unleashes a world of hurt in Panos Cosmatos’ visceral homage to grindhouse horror and action films. It is 1983 in the Northwest Mountains. Red is a man who lives a peaceful existence with his girlfriend Mandy, an […]

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Arizona (2018)

A bad day gets ten times worse for a realtor in this directorial debut from Jonathan Watson. Cassie is a realtor who is starting to have a very bad day. On the morning of her showing, she nearly witnesses a suicide by hanging only to save the man. Her teenage daughter Morgan has resented her […]

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Correa Puts Himself in a “Manhunt” in Trailer to New Indie Action Film

Franklin Correa is returning in 2019 for a new action thriller and this time, he’s in a Manhunt. The New Jersey-based indie filmmaker and martial artist is planning a return with Manhunt, which co-stars Jorge Valentin, Anissa Smith, Will Fonseca, and Alanzo Phillips. Martial artist & survivalist Conroy Jenkins is offered a job by the […]

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