REVIEW: Bloodfist IV – Die Trying (1992)

Kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson goes a fourth round in one of B-movie martial arts’ top film series of the nineties. Danny Holt is a repo man who is good at his job. A skilled fighter as well, he will use his skills against anyone who attempts to prevent him from doing his job. He is also a loving father to young Molly. One … Continue reading REVIEW: Bloodfist IV – Die Trying (1992)

“Terror Tales” Trailer Features Horror Film Vets

Get ready for the ultimate road trip to Hell with the driver as your emcee in the anthology film Terror Tales. Supergirl‘s Christopher Showerman plays a demented driver who has taken a family hostage and vows to kill a man’s wife and daughter if he doesn’t comply with this journey. Having no other choice, the man complies and the driver tells of three tales of … Continue reading “Terror Tales” Trailer Features Horror Film Vets

REVIEW: Big Match (2014)

From the director of Bloody Tie comes a film that can be described as a Korean version of the WWE film 12 Rounds but switch a cop for a mixed martial arts champion and adding a twist that is vital to the story. Choi Ik-Ho is a former professional soccer player whose antics have destroyed his career in that sport. However, he decides to use … Continue reading REVIEW: Big Match (2014)

REVIEW: Ultimate Justice (2017)

A team of elite soldiers reunites and gets more than what they bargain for in this action packed film from the producers of One Million K(l)icks. It has been eight years since Commander Hans Sturm successfully completed his last mission before signing over his security company in order to live a normal life with wife Mikaela and daughter Annika. The most trusted soldier to work … Continue reading REVIEW: Ultimate Justice (2017)

REVIEW: Bloodfist II (1990)

Jake Raye is back and finds himself in his most dangerous fight yet! After avenging his brother’s death in Manila, Jake Raye has become a kickboxing champion. However, in his latest title defense, he accidentally kills his opponent Mickey Sheehan. Jake has decided to retire from fighting. A year has passed when he gets a call from friend Vinnie Petrello, who was his former trainer. … Continue reading REVIEW: Bloodfist II (1990)

REVIEW: Rumble (2016)

Gary Daniels returns to kicking major butt in this throwback to some of his earlier gems from the director of Misfire. David Goran was once a champion mixed martial arts fighter until he lost a major fight in Reno, where he seriously injured his knee. Living in a hotel room for the past month in Mexico, he has had a relationship with Eva, a former … Continue reading REVIEW: Rumble (2016)

REVIEW: The Tattoo Connection (1978)

Jim Kelly goes on the hunt for a diamond in this Hong Kong kung fu cult classic. In Hong Kong, a group is tasked with protecting a rare precious diamond. However, shortly after arrival of the diamond, insurance man George is assaulted by a band of thieves. The insurance company, knowing the value of the diamond, decides to send out one of their top agents, … Continue reading REVIEW: The Tattoo Connection (1978)