Kill and Kill Again (1981)

With the success of Kill or Be Killed, the South African martial arts film that launched James Ryan as an action star, director Ivan Hall returns with this in-name sequel that delves practically into more of a James Bond-like thriller rather than the tournament genre of the original. Steve Chase is a martial arts champion […]

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Kill or Be Killed (1977)

When this South African film was released in the United States in 1980, the film distributors marketed as “The Greatest Hollywood Martial Arts Film Made”. However, the film wasn’t made in Hollywood, but in South Africa. Nevertheless, the film hails as a cult classic that features real Japanese karate techniques. Steve Hunt has tried out […]

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Heropanti (2014)

This attempt at launching a new star is a fun and wild ride revolving around love and having the attitude of a hero and that star’s name is Tiger Shroff. When Mr. Chaudhary, the patriarch of the most powerful family in Jat Land village, attempts to betroth his eldest daughter Renu to a man she […]

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The Marine 3: Homefront (2013)

After John Cena and Ted DiBiase Jr., a stable WWE superstar takes over the franchise in this third and favorable installment of the series that would soon become The Miz’s trademark role. Granted a vacation, Marine Sgt. Jake Carter is returning home to Bridgeton, Washington. He is given a very warm reception from his best […]

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The Marine 2 (2009)

In 2006, professional wrestler John Cena turned into an action star with The Marine, which revolved around a discharged Marine having to save his wife from kidnappers. Three years later, Fox and WWE Studios return with this in-name sequel that proves to be on the same level, if not very slightly better than the original. […]

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To Be the Best (1993)

The sport of kickboxing in Las Vegas can be a deadly game in this action packed drama from the team behind Ring of Fire. The International Kickboxing Championships have gained a lot of attention in Sin City. The American team consists of Duke, Runt, Mario and brothers Erick and Sam. Sam, a once promising champ […]

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