As World Film Geek continues to send its Get Well wishes to Hong Kong icon Andy Lau, who has recently gave an update and saying he is tough and recovering well, we can see Lau in action in two upcoming films this year. Here are the trailers for these films!

In April’s Shock Wave, directed by Herman Yau, Lau plays a bomb disposal officer for the Hong Kong Police who finds himself at odds with a deadly terrorist who seeks revenge on him for the imprisonment of his brother and allies. The film co-stars Jiang Wen, Philip Keung, Babyjohn Choi, and Felix Wong.

This summer’s The Adventurers, directed by Stephen Fung, Lau is out of prison and is forced into a heist with Jean Reno as the setup man with the likes of Fung’s wife Shu Qi and Yo Yang among the team who help Lau and Reno pull off the heist. The film was shot on location in Prague.

This year gets a double dose of Andy Lau after making his Hollywood debut in The Great Wall. Shock Wave comes in April in Asia and The Adventurers will be released in Asia this summer!