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The Adventurers (2017)

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Andy Lau attempts at the biggest heist of his life in this loose adaptation of a John Woo classic from actor/musician turned director Stephen Fung.

Five years ago, master thief Zhang Dan attempted to steal one third of a prominent necklace known as Gaia. However, he found himself set up and put in prison. Having now been released, Zhang intends to find out who set him up while attempting to get the remaining pieces of Gaia so he can retire. Joining forces with his protege Chen Po and new team member Red Ye, Zhang finds himself trailed by French police officer Pierre, who was the very officer who put Zhang in jail five years ago.

When Zhang and his team successfully infiltrate a popular actress’ event and steals her necklace, which was up for auction for a charity, Zhang has one piece left to get. To accomplish this, Zhang must use Red as a pawn to infiltrate rich man Charlie Luo to get that final piece of Gaia. Meanwhile, Pierre finds himself an ally in Amber Li, an expert in curation who was once Zhang’s fiancee. While Pierre and Amber are hot on Zhang’s trail, complications will soon arise, threatening to end this final heist for the master thief.

You have got to hand it to Stephen Fung. The actor and musician turned director has churned out quite a filmography when it comes to his directing. From his directorial debut in 2004’s Enter the Phoenix to 2012’s kung fu-steampunk hybrid Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero, Fung’s brand of action has gained quite a following. His latest film, a loose adaptation of the John Woo classic Once a Thief, is a fun and wild action ride that keeps you wanting to root for our central character, master thief Zhang Dan.

And who better to play this thief than the Heavenly King Andy Lau? Lau is wonderful as the central character who thrives in doing his job but still feels conflicted. Having been released from prison in the film’s opening, Zhang feels he must get the job done as well as find out who was responsible for putting him in prison in the first place. The legendary Jean Reno serves as the “cat” to Lau’s “mouse” in the game as his Pierre is convinced that Zhang is not finished with business yet. However, despite his misgivings, there seems to be a line of respect between the two that goes back to the very day Zhang is arrested, resulting in that prison time.

Yo Yang serves up comic relief as Zhang’s protege Po, who when doing his scenes with Shu Qi (who married director Fung during the making of the film), attempts at wooing her with well, the expected results of rejection. Zhang Jingchu is perhaps the most conflicted character in Amber, the ex-fiancee of Zhang who wants to help Pierre perhaps for revenge, but yet still has a bit of a flame for her ex-lover. Eric Tsang makes the most of his role as Kong, Zhang’s mentor and handler, while Sha Yi gets the most of his role as Charlie, the owner of one of the Gaia pieces, with whom Shu Qi must use some flirtation with in order for the team to nab it.

The action sequences are quite fun. While they don’t really comprise of fistacuffs, they are still fun nonetheless. There are vehicle chase scenes that are up to par with the likes of The Transporter and Ronin amongst others. Shane Hurlbut’s cinematography is quite impressive when it comes to both action and the amazing aerial shots of the cities the film was set in, as Fung decided to use drone technology to capture these amazing views of the cities.

In conclusion, The Adventurers is a pretty fun heist flick. It is clear why Stephen Fung has truly made his mark on directing action films. Some great performances by Andy Lau and Jean Reno, blended some some stunning cinematography of the cities and some nice twists and turns in the film make this worth checking out.


Infinitus Motion Pictures present a Mannix Filming Co. Ltd. Production in association with Media Asia Films. Director: Stephen Fung. Producers: Stephen Fung, Andy Lau, Jiang Ping, Chen Jiande, Tomas Krejci, and Radomir Docekai. Writers: Stephen Fung, Lo Yiu-Fai, Steve Ha, Cheung Chi-Kwong, and Wong Hiu-Chong. Cinematography: Shane Hurlbut. Editing: Angie Lam and Joel Cox.

Cast: Andy Lau, Jean Reno, Shu Qi, Zhang Jingchu, Yo Yang, Eric Tsang, Sha Yi, You Tian-Yi, Karel Dobry.


Well Go USA Lands Fung’s “The Adventurers”


Stephen Fung‘s latest action adventure film will be landing in the U.S. thanks to the gang at Well Go USA.

The Adventurers, a loose remake of the classic John Woo film Once a Thief, stars Andy Lau as a thief who after a three-year imprisonment sets out on a major heist in Europe with a French detective, played by Jean Reno, hot on his trail.

Shu Qi, Eric Tsang, Tony Yang, and Zhang Jingchu co-star in the film which Fung and Lau serving as producers with a script by Fung, Cheung Chi-Kwong, Andy Lo and Steve Ha.

The film will get its Chinese release on August 11 and Well Go USA’s release is coming in the near future. In the meantime, check out their trailer for the film:

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Andy Lau Rocks in Trailers to Two Films

As World Film Geek continues to send its Get Well wishes to Hong Kong icon Andy Lau, who has recently gave an update and saying he is tough and recovering well, we can see Lau in action in two upcoming films this year. Here are the trailers for these films!

In April’s Shock Wave, directed by Herman Yau, Lau plays a bomb disposal officer for the Hong Kong Police who finds himself at odds with a deadly terrorist who seeks revenge on him for the imprisonment of his brother and allies. The film co-stars Jiang Wen, Philip Keung, Babyjohn Choi, and Felix Wong.

This summer’s The Adventurers, directed by Stephen Fung, Lau is out of prison and is forced into a heist with Jean Reno as the setup man with the likes of Fung’s wife Shu Qi and Yo Yang among the team who help Lau and Reno pull off the heist. The film was shot on location in Prague.

This year gets a double dose of Andy Lau after making his Hollywood debut in The Great Wall. Shock Wave comes in April in Asia and The Adventurers will be released in Asia this summer!

Stephen Fung’s action film “Adventurers” shoots in May


Stephen Fung is one of Hong Kong’s top talents, beginning his career as a musician in the late 1990’s, then as an actor, then a director with surprisingly good films such as Enter the Phoenix and House of Fury. Recently, Fung worked as the director of the action unit behind AMC’s hit series Into the Badlands, which has recently been renewed for a season two.

However, while fans wait for the return of that series, Fung is heading back behind the cameras for the first time in four years in May with his newest film, The Adventurers. The project is one of thirteen new films behind Flagship Entertainment, a new company formed by TVB, Warner Brothers, and China Media Capital. While plot details only reveal an overseas treasure hunt, the only actor officially cast is William Shaofeng Feng, who will play the lead role.

Fung’s last feature directorial effort behind the cameras was the 2012 two-part saga Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero, which combined period martial arts and steampunk. Fung was scheduled to have directed the reboot Kickboxer: Vengeance but left just before production began in 2014 with John Stockwell taking over.

The Adventurers is due for release either in late 2016 or early 2017 from Flagship Entertainment.

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