Infernal Affairs (2002)

This Hong Kong thriller is hailed as one of the greatest action dramas and it would be the inspiration for an Academy Award winning film. Two police officers, Lau Kin-Ming and Chan Wing-Yan, are truly opposites, but there is a connection between them. Lau is actually a mole working for Hon Sam, a notorious Triad […]

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The Death Games (1997)

Hong Kong has always been known to churn out some frenetic kickboxing style action in their films. This action packed film from Golden Sun Films, a company known for its lower budgeted kickboxing action films, is an underrated film in terms of fight scenes despite a lackluster finale that borders on the ridiculous. Former gangster […]

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The Departed (2006)

Martin Scorsese has always come out with some of the best films ever made, from Taxi Driver and Raging Bull to Goodfellas and Casino. For his Oscar winning film in 2007, Scorsese turned to Hong Kong and with screenwriter William Monahan, made a very faithful yet creatively own version of the hit film trilogy Infernal […]

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Chasing the Dragon (2017)

Donnie Yen stars in this fact-based film on the life of one of Hong Kong’s most notorious drug lords with Andy Lau reprising a role from a two-film series in the 1990’s. In the year 1960, a man named Ho and his three best friends escaped China and headed for Hong Kong. There, they make […]

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Hi Dharma 2: Showdown in Seoul (2004)

2004, Cineworld/Tiger Pictures/KM Culture Director: Yook Sang-Hyo Producers: Cho Chul-Hyun Jung Seung-Hye Writers: Choi Seok-Hwan Yook Sang-Hyo Cinematography: Park Hee-Ju Editing: Kim Sang-Beom Kim Jae-Beom Cast: Jung Jin-Young (Jeong-Myeong) Shin Hyun-Joon (Beom-Shik) Lee Won-Jong (Hyeong-Gak) Lee Moon-Sik (Dae-Bong) Yang Jin-Woo (Moo-Jin) Kim Seok-Hwan (Sang-Geun) Lee Hyung-Chul (Goo-Man) Kim Ji-Young (Elder Bosal) Jung Han-Yong (Mr. Park) […]

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Gen-X Cops (1999)

1999, Media Asia Films Director: Benny Chan Producers: John Chong Solon So Benny Chan Writers: Benny Chan Peter Tsi Koan Hui Anna Lee Cinematography: Arthur Wong Fletcher Poon Editing: Azrael Cheung Cheung Ka-Fai Cast: Nicholas Tse (Jack) Stephen Fung (Match) Sam Lee (Alien) Grace Ip (Y2K) Daniel Wu (Daniel) Eric Tsang (Inspector Chan) Francis Ng […]

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