A woman’s world is turned upside down in this action-rom-com from the duo of C.J. and Lorissa Julianus.

A once promising Ph.D, Ava Moriarty had fallen in with the wrong people and now works as a dominatrix who has grown tired of her job. When she discovers her boyfriend Boris, a notorious Russian gangster, is dumping her, he demands she pays him back the money owed to him in thirty days. Things get worse when the next morning, the business partner who Ava intended to team up with is found dead and the money had went missing. However, Ava might have found an opportunity to turn things around.

Father Radovan is the new Serbian-born Episcopalian priest in town. Residing at the local church, he plans to have an art collection appraised. In a desperate attempt to get the money back to Boris, Ava agrees to a deal with the shady Mayor Kupsik, who wants to demolish the church. He plans to use Ava to seduce Radovan and have her take incriminating photos so he can get the church to himself. However, on this misadventure, Ava is about to get more than just a simple mission. Will she be able to pay Boris back they money but even more, what will happen when she suddenly finds herself in love with Radovan?

The brainchild of husband and wife duo C.J. and Lorissa Julianus, this is one wild ride from beginning to end as we are introduced to the titular Mistress Maneater, Ava Moriarty, played by Lorissa herself. Aside from writing, she is more than an actress, but she is a singer and even knows some martial arts, which she gets to use a basic combination of punches and a spinning back kick in the film. As Ava, Julianus is the reason to see the film. Her methods are reminiscent of The Transporter when it comes to one rule: follow only the contract. This comes in play when we see her second customer attempting to add more with Ava sticking to the rules until forced to tell her “customer” to follow the contract. By then, it’s clear she hates the job and wants to get away.

There are four core people in Ava’s life. First there’s Gabe, played by Shannon Brown, Ava’s confidant who is responsible for his attempt to get out of the lifestyle she is currently forced into by making a deal with an associate of his but it all falters. Then there’s Boris, Ava’s now ex-boyfriend and notorious gangster played by Adam Christopher. From the moment he dumps her, you know right away this guy is trouble. Then there’s the shady Mayor Kupsik, played by Dave Lichty, who hires her for a job that will soon Segway into the “romantic comedy” portion of the film.

Mickey O’Sullivan’s Radovan is quite an interesting character. He may be a priest, but this man of the cloth has a connection towards Ava not only in the romantic sense, but they have a common enemy if you will. We see Radovan working with a certain gangster as he moonlights as a mixed martial arts fighter. O’Sullivan handles himself pretty well in the film when he engages himself in the ring as well even showing Ava the aforementioned combination just in case she ever needs it. When Ava and Radovan work together, then you know magic is bound to happen and this proves well as the two reveal their shocking pasts towards each other, drawing them closer to each other.

The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater is a fun romantic action comedy driven by the duo of Lorissa Julianus as the titular character and Mickey O’Sullivan as her potential love interest. This is one wild ride from beginning to end.


A Binary Star Pictures production. Director: C.J. Julianus. Producers: C.J. Julianus, Lorissa Julianus, and John Wesley Norton. Writer: Lorissa Julianus. Cinematography: John Wesley Norton. Editing: Lorissa Julianus.

Cast: Lorissa Julianus, Mickey O’Sullivan, Shannon Brown, Adam Christopher, Dave Lichty, Cynda Williams, Joette Waters.