A man looks to seek redemption through faith in this action thriller co-written by the film’s lead actor.

Nick Boon is a former professional killer who’s living a solitary in a cabin near a small town. However, there is a hit out on him, and FBI agent Redd is tracking him down for his past actions. When a confrontation with another hired killer leads to him getting shot, Boon falls on the doorstep of Katherine, a preacher and widow. With only her son Elijah, Katherine has suffered two losses. Both her husband and daughter have both died and she spends her days in the local church.

However, Katherine is forced into a situation involving two men who constantly shack up at her house to do business. The two men work for Mr. Fitzgerald, a ruthless crime boss whose grip runs the small town. When Boon confronts the two thugs, Katherine and Elijah start to bond with him. Boon learns of Katherine’s troubles and offers his help to protect them from Fitzgerald, as long as he can evade Agent Redd.

You have to appreciate the “assassin looking for redemption” angle when it comes to action films. It doesn’t matter how big of a budget used in the film, but it all depends on execution. This recent entry in the action sub-genre, directed by Derek Presley highlights such an angle in which in some subtext, our titular character seeks redemption through faith due to the fact the people who he finds himself protecting a preacher’s widow and son after he is hurt.

Usually known for his villain roles, Neal McDonough, who co-wrote the screenplay with Presley, is excellent in the titular role. He brings in a combination of his trademark intensity but adds a layer of righteousness upon meeting Katherine and her son Elijah, played by Christiane Seidel and Jake Melrose. When the two thugs of the film, James Madio’s Bud and Jhon Goodwin’s The Man, meet Boon, they are instantly intimidated due to Boon’s icy stare. They’re seen as the somewhat comic relief of the film.

The always excellent Tommy Flanagan once again shines as a lead villain. In this case, he’s Fitzgerald, an Irish mob boss who pretty much the town even with the town’s mayor, played by Beverly Hills 90210 alumnus Gabrielle Carteris, following orders. His wife, Emilia, played by Spanish actress Christina Ochoa, is just as vicious as her husband. She even engages in some action against our hero during the final action sequence, in which of course, Boon, Katherine, and Elijah are surrounded in the cabin by Fitzgerald and his gang. Add to the mix FBI agent Redd, played by Demetrius Grosse, who reluctantly is forced into a situation and must end up protecting the man he was sent to capture.

Boon sees Neal McDonough in a different light as he breaks away from his usual villain role to play an anti-hero in this redemption seeking film. Tommy Flanagan and Christina Ochoa ooze the screen as the lead villains. This is definitely an action-drama worth watching.


Cinedigm presents a Muscular Puppy production. Director: Derek Presley. Producers: Stephen Endelman, Jason Starne, Neal McDonough, and Ruve McDonough. Writers: Derek Presley and Neal McDonough. Cinematography Garrett Schwindt. Editing: Jason Starne.

Cast: Neal McDonough, Christiane Seidel, Christina Ochoa, Tommy Flanagan, James Madio, Jhon Goodwin, Gabrielle Carteris, Demetruis Grosse, Pat Monahan, John Patrick Jordan, Jason Scott Lee.

The film will be released in select theaters on April 1 and On Demand/Digital on April 5.