REVIEW: Second Nature (2017)

Gender reversal takes on a whole new level in this hilarious comedy from debut filmmaker Michael Cross. Since they were children, Amanda Maxwell and Bret Johnson have always had a rivalry. Amanda works for Bret, who is the owner of a real estate company in the small town of Louisburg. When the town’s mayor is killed in a car accident, a special election is to … Continue reading REVIEW: Second Nature (2017)

REVIEW: Bonejangles (2017)

A meshing of intentional comedy and some classic horror clichés make up this latest thriller from director Brett DeJager. A small town has been rocked by the murders committed by the unstoppable killer known as Bonejangles, who is disfigured and wears a skull mask. In a last-ditch effort to stop the killer, the miniscule police force learns of his location and in the midst lose … Continue reading REVIEW: Bonejangles (2017)

REVIEW: Besetment (2017)

2017, Uncork’d Entertainment/Barbed Wire Films Director: Brad Douglas Producer: Brad Douglas Writer: Brad Douglas Cinematography: Chuck Greenwood Editing: Greg James Cast: Abby Wathen (Amanda Millard) Marlyn Mason (Mildred Colvin) Michael Meyer (Billy Colvin) Max Gutfreund (Brad) Greg James (Sheriff Joe Palin) Hannah Barefoot (Deputy Julie Nelson) Lindsae Klein (Amanda’s Mother) Sonya Davis (Brittany) Douglas Rowe (Pastor Ben Hastings) A young woman’s new job turns into … Continue reading REVIEW: Besetment (2017)

REVIEW: Best of the Best 3 – No Turning Back (1995)

1995, The Movie Store Director: Phillip Rhee Producers: Phillip Rhee Peter E. Strauss Writers: Paul Levine (original characters) Barry Gray (screenplay) Deborah Scott (screenplay) Cinematography: Jerry Watson Editing: Bert Lovitt Cast: Phillip Rhee (Tommy Lee) Christopher McDonald (Sheriff Jack Banning) Gina Gershon (Margo Preston) Mark Rolston (Donnie Hansen) Peter Simmons (Owen Tucker) Cristina Lawson (Karen Banning) Dee Wallace (Georgia) Michael Bailey Smith (Tiny) Justin Brentley … Continue reading REVIEW: Best of the Best 3 – No Turning Back (1995)

Get Ready for an “American Exorcism” in May

Get ready for an American Exorcism when Uncork’d Entertainment and Thriller Films releases this horror film on VOD platforms on May 2. Damon Richter thought he left the world of possessions, exorcisms, and evil behind until an old friend arrives with frightening information about his estranged daughter knowing that only his otherworldly skills can save her. Michael Filipowich, Braxton Davis, and Jessica Morris star in … Continue reading Get Ready for an “American Exorcism” in May

REVIEW: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

2016, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures Director: Antoine Fuqua Producers: Roger Birnbaum Todd Black Writers: Akira Kurosawa (original screenplay “Seven Samurai”) Shinobu Hashimoto (original screenplay “Seven Samurai”) Hideo Ogami (original screenplay “Seven Samurai”) Nic Pizzolatto (screenplay) Richard Wenk (screenplay) Cinematography: Mauro Fiore Editing: John Refoua Cast: Denzel Washington (Sam Chisholm) Chris Pratt (Josh Faraday) Ethan Hawke (Goodnight Robicheaux) Vincent D’Onofrio (Jack Horne) Lee … Continue reading REVIEW: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

REVIEW: Abattoir (2016)

2016, Dark Web Productions/Les Enfants Terrible/Luminary Entertainment/Pacific Bridge Pictures/Radical Studios Director: Darren Lynn Bousman Producers: Jesse Berger Brent C. Johnson Writers: Darren Lynn Bousman (original graphic novel) Christopher Monette (screenplay) Cinematography: Michael Fimognari Editing: Brian J. Smith Cast: Jessica Lowndes (Julia Talben) Joe Anderson (Declan Grady) Dayton Callie (Jebediah Crone) Lin Shaye (Allie) John McConnell (McDermott) Bryan Batt (Chester) Michael Paré (Richard Renshaw) J. LaRose … Continue reading REVIEW: Abattoir (2016)