Glass Jaw (2018)

A boxer loses it all and searches to redeem himself in this indie drama from director Jeff Celentano. As a kid, Travis Austin was abandoned by his family, but he would eventually find himself becoming a professional boxer. He would find himself in a fight for the title with help from Eddy, his trainer. When […]

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Unrivaled (2010)

After two misfires with Never Surrender and Death Warrior, could the third time be the charm for martial artist turned filmmaker Hector Echavarria? The answer is both yes and no, but the film does improve in terms of executing the script by cutting down some elements unnecessary in the previous films. Ringo Duran is a […]

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Dancing Ninja (2010)

Originally meant to be a sequel to Beverly Hills Ninja, this martial arts comedy is meant to be one of those not be taken seriously all thanks to one heck of a campy performance by “The Hoff”. Years ago, a baby was found on the harbor by Papasan, a local business owner who works as […]

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Deadpool 2 (2018)

The Merc with the Mouth returns for his long awaited second adventure, which features some unexpected surprises that only Ryan Reynolds and crew can deliver. Things are looking up for Wade Wilson, the former mercenary who has become the superhero known as Deadpool. However, his world has been turned upside down when his latest target, […]

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The Wrestler (2008)

Darren Aranofsky’s visionary film revolving the life of an aging professional wrestler is one of the biggest films of 2008, thanks to a mesmerizing performance from Mickey Rourke, who makes a well worthy comeback to A-list films. Randy “The Ram” Robinson was a successful professional wrestler in the 1980’s and has continued to wrestle for […]

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