A group of friends are about to fall prey to a sinister doctor in this indie horror film from the director of Opus of an Angel.

Alexa Landry is a blogger who thrives on beauty. However, the one thing she refuses to face and is deathly afraid of is plastic surgery. She is also in a little bit of a volatile relationship with her boyfriend Mark, a football player who believes she is seeing someone behind her back. When she learns her sister Becca has been assaulted and is deeply depressed, Alexa decides to help her and brings her to her close circle of friends, including Chase, Calvin, Trinity, and Kenny.

When Kenny is accused of misplacing Calvin’s laptop, they use a GPS to find it and Kenny is forced to retrieve it. Kenny ends up in the home of the Cunningham family, who invite Kenny in but, Kenny isn’t leaving. When the others decide to go to the house to find Kenny and get the laptop, they soon discover the family’s haunting secret. Patriarch Gene Cunningham is a demented and wanted serial killer who kidnaps victims and force them to undergo surgery who has a sick obsession with making his victims more “beautiful”. Will Alexa and the others be able to escape this house of horrors or will she be forced to face her fear of surgery under the knife of the demented Dr. Cunningham?

Body horror films are becoming the rage as of late, from the Soska Sisters’ Rabid to Norbert Keil’s Replace as two great examples. This film is a straightforward horror film about a demented plastic surgeon, Dr. Gene Cunningham, played extremely well by James Allen Brewer.

The group of potential victims all seem to be both close-knit and yet, separated by various issues. Korrina Rico’s lead character of Alexa is a very conflicted character as she deals with both her fear of surgery as seen in her introductory scene but her relationship with boyfriend Mark, played by Lee Kholafai, is complicated with accusations of adultery. Then there’s her relationship with estranged sister Becca, played by Caylee Cowan, who thinks that Alexa is more into her career than her family, which Alexa attempts to make amends in a world that’s about to be turned upside down. There are small nuances involving other characters, but they are more throwaways subplots as soon enough, we delve into the deadly world of the Cunninghams.

The family are really a group of psychos and of course we have the leader Gene, who thrives on making his victims “beautiful” by dismembering them. There’s also the grandmother, played by Elaine Partnow, who comes across nice at first, but then shows her true nature. This is reminiscent of another recent film, The Owners, where Rita Tushingham’s character was nice at first before going full-on psycho. Marik Knight’s Timothy is reminiscent of Jedidiah Hewitt, the little boy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in 2003 or even still, Janus Blythe’s Ruby in The Hills Have Eyes. The reverse black sheep, the family member who ends up wanting to help the protagonists more than cause more chaos.

The death scenes themselves are very graphic and at times, very cringeworthy. The surgery scenes will appease to gorehounds alike. With the film, with Brewer doing some great at times over the top performances as the insane Dr. Cunningham. He seeks to give his victims perfection, but only in his most disturbing manner. There is even a scene where a member of the family and a victim are dancing with looks that would have made Leatherface proud. Look out for a cameo by Costas Mandylor as the doctor in Alexa’s introductory scene as Dr. Bennett.

Incision is the latest in body horror films with some great natural performances by its cast, notably Korrina Rico’s complicated protagonist and James Allen Brewer’s sadistic psycho surgeon. Definitely worth checking out, especially gorehounds who thrive on this sort of thing.


An Eleven Seven Films production. Director: Ali Zamani. Producers: Zeus Zamani, Korrina Rico, and Lee Kholafai. Writer: Chris Kato. Cinematography: Vern Nobles Jr. Editing: Ali Zamani.

Cast: Korrina Rico, Lee Kholafai, James Allen Brewer, Caylee Cowan, Kev Adams, Jonathan McDaniel, Olga Safari, Tristan Tales, Marik Knight, Olivia Day, Elaine Partnow, John Wallbank.

The film will be available on Amazon on October 27 then on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU on November 12.