Two horror icons join forces for the first time in this instant horror classic that takes a tremendous supernatural twist.

Chris is new to town. Immediately upon his arrival, he becomes friends with Tonya, who is a bit reckless. That night at the local carnival, Tonya introduces Chris to her friends Zack and Brett, who are brothers. Zack still harbors feelings for Tonya but she instantly has a liking to Chris. Chris learns that the trio play pranks on Edith Cranston, a former daycare owner who has been believed to have something to do with Tonya’s sister’s death years ago. When Chris reluctantly joins them in a prank to break the Cranston’s windows. After Edith confronts them and confides in her husband, Edith kills herself due to the depression.

A few days later, Edward calls the four youngsters and invites them over to the house. The group learns that Edith, despite the situation, had offered them part of the inheritance. Each of them has a chance to inherit $100,000. There is a catch. They each must enter a room and await a call from Edith, who will talk to them. If they can last more than a minute, Edward will meet them outside with the cash. However, it is soon apparent that Edward has something more sinister in mind as he is set to get the ultimate revenge on these youngsters for his wife’s death.

From director Timothy Woodward Jr. and writer Patrick Stibbs comes this retro-style supernatural film that brings two horror icons together for the first time. And what better way for these two icons to play the sinister couple of the film. Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell, who are connected to the Wan-Whannell franchises Insidious and Saw respectively are excellent in the roles of Edith and Edward Cranston, a loving couple accused of a heinous crime and therefore, forced to be the victims of pranks by the trio of youngsters.

Chester Rushing is great as the new kid of the group, Chris, who reluctantly finds himself involved with the pranksters, all who have different personalities. Erin Sanders’ Tonya is the rough and tough leader of the pack whose sister is at the forefront of the pranks and “hunt” involving the Cranstons. Mike Manning’s Zack is the arrogant jock type who can’t take no for an answer when Tonya constantly rebuffs his advances, especially because she seems to like Chris. Sloane Morgan Siegel’s Brett is Zack’s younger brother who seems to be the nerdy type who is the butt of jokes. Their different personalities only prove to show that the chemistry does in fact work because their personalities are all natural.

The “call” is quite a surprise as it shows the pranksters’ pasts as they must confront their own past demons before they are forced to face the ultimate “demon” and one can only guess who that is. This just shows the level of amazing that Lin Shaye brings to the table. She continues to show why she is one of the best horror icons today while she herself calls herself a “storyteller” and this is one story I would watch over and over again!

The Call is an instant horror wild ride with Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell teaming up for the first time and showcasing what they both do best! This is one film definitely worth watching!


Cinedigm presents a Single Malt Productions film in association with Appreciated Films, BondIt Media Capital, and Kalispel Trial Holding. Director: Timothy Woodward Jr. Producers: Patrick Stibbs, Gina Rugolo, Jeffrey Reddick, Randy J. Goodwin, and Zebulun Huling. Writer: Patrick Stibbs. Cinematography: Pablo Diez. Editing: Wayne J. Liu.

Cast: Lin Shaye, Tobin Bell, Chester Rushing, Erin Sanders, Mike Manning, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Judd Lormand, Randy J. Goodwin, Brooklyn Anne Miller, Leah Contreras, Toby Leeder, Aidan Bertola, Madeleine Wade.