The Campfire Gang are back in this final installment of Dark Infinity’s terror anthology franchise bringing you five final tales of terror.

It’s time for the Campfire Gang to return and tell some scary stories for not just each other, but for the audience as well. The group consists of Shawn, Ronnie, Ken, Rebecah and Amber. They gather around the campfire and they begin to tell their stories. The first involves a special present of a tribal doll that the recipient is destined to regret getting. The second story involves a hitchhiker whose trip may be her last.

The third story involves an agoraphobic woman who on Halloween night worries about the worst when it is believed a mental patient has escaped. The fourth story involves a released mental patient who may not have gotten over his brother’s death. Finally, we are treated to a story about a couple who are attempting to find a gateway to Hell. Meanwhile, for the Campfire Gang, they have something extra in store, especially when one of the members goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come back.

Clocked in at only 42 minutes, this final installment of Dark Infinity (aka Dustin Ferguson)’s Tales for the Campfire franchise is quite fun to watch. It is like watching a miniature version of Are You Afraid of the Dark? with the stories serving as short films if you will. Ronnie Angel, Ken May, Shawn C. Phillips, Rebecah Rye, and Amber Bohac are fun to watch as the Campfire Gang as they not only tell you about the stories, but they even give a bit of feedback after we see the stories come to life. What’s even more outstanding is the fact that the film was shot on various locations of classic horror tales such as House, Child’s Play 2, and Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight.

As for the stories themselves, as mentioned, they can be treated as short films and they are all interesting in their own ways. If I had to choose a favorite, it is “The Prisoner”, the third story of the film. Dawna Lee Heising is great as the agoraphobic Dawn, whose fear of someone coming in to haunt her juxtaposes well with clips from some classic horror films, notably 1960’s Night of the Living Dead. This one even has the director making a cameo as her son, who tries to get her to give out candy on Halloween night. The first story, “Wee One”, has a bit of a Puppet Master/Demonic Toys riff with Shari Davis’ Samantha’s attempts to evade the African tribal doll with an evil spirit.

The second story, “Cole Canyon Creeps” has Jenn Nangle’s Jules attempting to get home and finds herself on the wrong side of the roads when she encounters and must evade a creep. “The Bitter Half” churns out a great performance by Noel Jason Scott as a released mental patient who hears his twin’s voice in his head, questioning if his release was a good idea. This one has the legendary Mel Novak making a cameo as the patient’s doctor. The final tale, “The Gateway” is the most graphic in terms of bloodletting as we see a couple’s attempt to find a legendary gateway to Hell leads to dire consequences. As if that’s not exciting enough, the final few minutes as well worth seeing.

Tales for the Campfire 3 is a fun short film that has mini short films as its stories, all with a great cast involved as both the Campfire Gang and those within the stories. This is definitely worth taking a look for horror film fans.


An SCS Entertainment production. Director: Dark Infinity. Producer: Joe Williamson. Writer: Dark Infinity. Cinematography: Dark Infinity. Editing: Dark Infinity.

Cast: Ronnie Angel, Ken May, Shawn C. Phillips. Rebecah Rye, Amber Bohac, Sheri Davis, Mike Ferguson, Jenn Nangle, Dustin Wonch, Dawna Lee Heising, Dark Infinity, Jarad Allen, Mel Novak, Noel Jason Scott, Geovonna Casanova, Tino Zamora.