A man on the end of a failing marriage doesn’t know how to cope and nearly goes off his rocker in this pretty funny Mexican comedy starring the great Eugenio Derbez.

Dr. Javier Herrera is a cardiologist and surgeon who when it comes to work, can’t catch a break. His partner will not let him lead an operation. On top of that, money has grown tight and it has affected his relationship with girlfriend Maria. To make ends meet, Javier helps Martin with his work as a DJ until a disaster forces Martin out of business. When Maria suggests they move to Miami, Javier is unsure until Maria decides they should get married so he can get the necessary visa to get work there.

As Maria heads to Miami to get everything ready, a few weeks pass by until Maria gives the shocking news to Javier that she is leaving him for another man. A heartbroken Javier has nearly given up everything for her and now, he is left with nothing. He is forced to live at his parents’ house, sees a psychiatrist in an effort to understand women, and loses his job after his return leads to a mishap. When he decides to get a pet, he is forced to have a dog he never expected, but eventually bonds with it. He also finds an admirer in Julia, who works at the pet store and who Javier had helped on a few occasions. Javier soon begins to put his life back together after disastrous events, but what happens should Maria decides to come back?

Coming hot off the heels of his hit shows XHDRBZ and La Familia P. Luche, Eugenio Derbez as of late, has been making an impact in the United States with his remake of Overboard and the recently released Dora and the Lost City of Gold. This film, one of his early films in Mexico, is a quirky comedy about a man who had it all, or so he thought; loses it all; and his numerous yet disastrous attempts to get his life back together and getting over losing the one he loved the most.

Derbez shows why he is one of the funniest actors to come out of Mexico. From his first line, a comeback to a nurse who thinks he looks good in uniform to seeing him unhinged for much of the movie, it is clear he has that comic panache that makes him one of the country’s most popular actors. The unhinged side of Javier takes up most of the film, but it is great to see him seeing question every little detail and how it affects his friendship with bestie Martin, played by Juan Rios; and his psychiatrist, who gets annoyed with him after he crashes a religious mass to ask him about his issues. However, it is when Javier gets his dog that things slowly begin to change.

Martina Garcia is wonderful as Julia, the pet store clerk who soon admires Javier, even with his corny lines saying he is like Tarzan’s son or Aquaman’s son. She may see a bit standoff-ish at first, but it’s clear she knows a good thing when she sees one and yes, you can guess who will help Javier in a time of need and what it will lead to. Meanwhile, making most of her time in the first third of the film, Alejandra Barros seems to have this sort of nouveau riche attitude as Maria, the woman who seems to love Javier but eventually is the one who changes his life for the worse when she leaves him. The film has a bit of predictability towards in the finale, but it is totally okay because the focus is more on one man’s attempt to make his life better after experiencing such heartbreak, making this a fresh approach to a genre that tends to have the same old riff.

No Eres Tu, Soy Yo (It’s Not You, It’s Me) is a very funny yet ultimately fun film about a man who goes from 0 to 100 and attempts to get his life back in gear despite overcoming the most disastrous of obstacles with Eugenio Derbez showcasing the skills that has made him a funny force to be reckoned with in both Mexico and now, the United States.


Lionsgate presents a Pantelion Films presentation of a Rio Negro and Warner Bros. Films production. Director: Alejandro Springall. Producers: Ricardo Kleinbaum and Angel Losada Moreno. Writers: Alejandro Springall and Luis Aura; based on an original screenplay by Juan Taraturo and Cecilia Dopazo. Cinematography: Celiana Cardenas. Editing: Jorge Garcia.

Cast: Eugenio Derbez, Martina Garcia, Alejandro Barros, Luis Rios, Sharon Zundel, Alberto Estrella, Vanessa Mateo, Gina Morett, Monica Dionne, Shaula Vega, Aaron Hernan.