One of China’s biggest animated series gets the film treatment in the first of six feature length films which smashes box office records in its initial release in China.

For a long time, Logger Vick has been attempting to cut down trees in the forest only to find himself thwarted by the duo of Briar and Bramble Bear. During their latest adventure together, Vick loses his briefcase full of power tools. When he finds a briefcase he thinks is his, he is in for the shock a lifetime. He discovers that the briefcase not only does not have his power tools, but he discovers a baby girl dressed in a bear outfit. Vick naturally freaks out but eventually warms up to the little girl, whose name is revealed to be Lola.

When Briar and Bramble learn about Lola, they too are shocked and are even more shocked to see Vick taking care of her. When Lola becomes sick, the constant rivals work together for the first time to nurse Lola back to health. When they succeed, they soon learn that Lola is wanted by a mysterious businessman, who constantly sends his goons. When the businessman has Lola kidnapped, Briar, Bramble and Vick must work together again to come up with a plan to save Lola and find out why she is wanted so bad by the bad guys.

2011’s Boonie Bears, or Xiong Chu Mo in China, is the highest rated animated series in China and it still holds today after 8 years and over 300 episodes. In 2014, the decision was made to bring the series to the big screen, which brings us to this review. This feature film debut for the Boonie Bears and their rival Logger Vick is hilarious from start to well, almost end. But for the most part, despite some emotional moments, this feature is laugh out funny!

Whoever did the animation for this film should be applauded because the hilarious antics of Logger Vick are the highlight of the film. The reactions and mishaps are not only animated very well but with Paul Rinehart’s vocal talents behind the character, they are an absolute riot. Logger Vick can be best described as Elmer Fudd cranked up to 100 with his reaction timing when he finds himself constantly thwarted at first by the titular Boonie Bears, then even more insane when the baby girl Lola enters his life. As for the Bears, Rick Jay Glen is great to watch as the tough Briar with Justin J. Wheeler being the perfect complement as the very nervous and younger Bramble.

There are plenty of hijinks throughout the film, not just with the titular characters and their arch-nemesis turned ally, but that of the evil Ted Marshall and his goons. Toni Thompson and Rick Jay Glen provide fun comic timing as Marshall’s two henchmen Maurice and Arnold, who always find themselves in very futile attempts to get Lola back and Justin J. Wheeler provides a hilarious character in a policeman who finds himself victimized accidentally by Logger Vick on more than one occasion. However, there are some emotional moments such as when Lola spikes a fever, showing why the rivalry between the Bears and Vick take a backseat to take care of someone they ultimate cared about and the big finale has a bit of an emotional feel to it as well.

Boonie Bears to the Rescue is a hilarious feature film debut for China’s fun bears and their arch nemesis as they decide to work together for the sake of a little girl. It is emotional at times, but for the most part, really funny!


Vision Films presents a Fantawild Animation production. Director: Leon Ding. Producers: Chen Yingjie, Li Ming, and Fuyuan Liu. Writers: Cui Tachi, Dai Que, Leon Ding, Huang Huiqi, Lin Huida, Lin Yongchang, Fuyuan Liu, Qan Qin, and Ye Tianlong; English adaptation by Rick Jay Glen and Brian Bullock.

Cast: Rick Jay Glen, Justin J. Wheeler, Paul Rinehart, Toni Thompson, Siobhan Lumsden.

The film is currently available On Demand and will be released on DVD as part of a 2-DVD set with the 2013 special Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey on December 17, 2019 at Walmart.