REVIEW: Shaolin vs. Evil Dead (2004)

Rival Taoist masters face off but in the midst of things, chaos ensues in this martial arts-horror hybrid. Brother White is a Taoist priest who despite having to face off against numerous undead adversaries believes in saving souls rather than destroy them. Along with his two proteges, Sun and Fire, the group embarks on a restaurant that turns out to be haunted. During their battle, … Continue reading REVIEW: Shaolin vs. Evil Dead (2004)

Birdsall and Logan Enter “The Time War”

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter‘s Tracey Birdsall and Daniel Logan, who played the young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones are about to enter a new kind of “war”. The duo star in The Time War, written and directed by Rogue Warrior filmmaker Neil Johnson, with the late Christopher Lee, in one of his final performances, doing the narration for the … Continue reading Birdsall and Logan Enter “The Time War”

REVIEW: Burnt (2015)

A once-talented chef struggles with his past demons during his road to redemption in this drama from director John Wells. Adam Jones was once considered one of the top chefs in Paris as the protégé of restauranteur Jean-Luc. That is, until he started using drugs and earned a reputation for his drive to perfection. Having ruined everyone’s reputation, Adam leaves for New Orleans, where he … Continue reading REVIEW: Burnt (2015)

REVIEW: Karate Wars (1991)

Two rival martial arts schools go head to head for the price of honor in this American B-movie. All his life, high school student Jason felt he never amounted to anything or given it his all. This affects his relationship with Tracy, his girlfriend. Deciding to do something about it, he signs up to take up karate under local sensei Oyama. Oyama trains his students … Continue reading REVIEW: Karate Wars (1991)

TRAILER: Daddy’s Home 2

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back in the trailer to this sequel of the 2015 hit comedy which revolved around the rivalry between Ferrell’s clean cut step dad to a little girl and birth father Dusty, played by Wahlberg. Now having made up and agreeing to work together, the duo decide to get both families together for the holidays. However, they soon learn that … Continue reading TRAILER: Daddy’s Home 2

REVIEW: Lady Bloodfight (2016)

2016, Voltage Pictures/B&E Entertainment Director: Chris Nahon Producer: Bey Logan Writers: Bey Logan (story and screenplay) Judd Bloch (screenplay) Cinematography: Michel Abramowicz Editing: Chris Nahon Cast: Amy Johnston (Jane) Muriel Hoffman (Shu) Jenny Wu (Ling) Kathy Wu (Wai) Jet Tranter (Cassidy) Mayling Ng (Svietta) Sunny Coelst (Jaa) Rosemary Vandenbroucke (Yara) Lisa Cheng (Lam) Chalinene Bassinah (Alia) Lauren Rhoden (Van) Kirt Kishita (Mr. Sang) Cynthia Ho … Continue reading REVIEW: Lady Bloodfight (2016)

REVIEW: Gen-Y Cops (2000)

2000, Media Films/Regent Entertainment Director: Benny Chan Producers: Thomas Chung John Chong Solon So Benny Chan Writers: Chan Kiu-Ying Felix Chong Bey Logan Cinematography: Fletcher Poon Editing: Cheung Ka-Fai Cast: Stephen Fung (Match) Sam Lee (Alien) Edison Chen (Edison) Paul Rudd (Ian Curtis) Maggie Q (Jane Quigley) Mark Hicks (Ross Tucker) Richard Sun (Kurt) Rachel Ngan (Oli) Christy Chung (Inspector Cheung) Vincent Kok (Dr. Lee) … Continue reading REVIEW: Gen-Y Cops (2000)