He may be known as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for his pro-wrestling career, but Dave Bautista has proven time and time again to be a serious actor and his latest film is gearing up for lead action hero status.

In Final Score, Bautista plays an ex-soldier who learns his niece has been kidnapped by a band of terrorists during a soccer match. When the terrorists threaten to blow up the stadium if their demands are not met, Bautista is ready to become a one-man army but gets some help from Pierce Brosnan in the action.

Ray Stevenson, Julian Cheung, Lara Peake, Alexandra Dinu, and Martyn Ford co-star in the action thriller. Scott Mann directed the film from a script by Jonathan Frank, David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch.

Saban Films will release the film in select theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on September 14.