Final Score (2018)

Dave Bautista becomes a one-man army in this action-packed thriller that can be described as a 21st-century Sudden Death with a bit of a twist. Mike Knox is an ex-soldier who has come to London to visit the widow and daughter of a fallen comrade, who sees Mike as family. Mike, still reeling from the […]

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Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016)

The U.S. Embassy is under attack and the Marines must come to the rescue in this in-name third installment of the military action films. Marine Cpl. Evan Albright has been stationed to a U.S. embassy in the Middle East. Every day, the embassy is met with protestors. Albright, known to be a loose cannon, does […]

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Black Site Delta (2017)

2017, XLrator Media/Benattar-Thomas Productions/The Fyzz Factory Director: Jesse Gustafson Producers: Rick Benattar Nigel Thomas Writer: Guy Stevenson Cinematography: Laurence Vannicelli Editing: Laurens van Charante Cast: Cam Gigandet (Jake) Teri Reeves (Vasquez) Michael Dale (Col. Irving) Ben Watson (Simms) Casey Hendershot (Hudson) John Brodsky (Taylor) Dion Mucciacito (Diego) Arash Mokhtar (Kahn) Sherri Eakin (Scarlet) A group […]

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Der Puma: Kämpfer mit Herz (1999)

The pilot for a short-lived German action series plays off like a made-for-TV martial arts version of Die Hard. However, thanks to Donnie Yen’s frenetic choreography, this is a pretty decent film. Josh Engel is a tae kwon do teacher who teaches kids and is known by his nickname, “The Puma”. When his niece Lisa […]

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