Supercon (2018)



Have you attended a comic con and got tired of arrogant icons who think they are above everyone else and wanted to do something about it? The guys in this film attempt to do just that in Zak Knutson’s raucous heist comedy.

Keith Mahar was the co-star of a 80’s television series called Future Force. Since then, Keith has been down on his luck. On the verge of divorce and at risk for being evicted, he is invited to the Supercon in Rego Park, Louisiana. Knowing that there is no option, he decides to go. He meets up with good friends Matt Wheeler, a voiceover artist; Brock Hutchison, a former TV star, and Allison McNeeley, a comic book artist.

However, when Future Force’s lead actor Adam King arrives, Keith finds himself constantly outdone and outclassed by both King and Supercon promoter Gil Bartell. When Matt decides to retaliate against King, Keith gets the blame and a confrontation leads to Keith, Brock, Allison, and Mat all being fired from Supercon. However, it was all revealed to be a hatched plan by Gil and Adam. When Matt comes up with the idea of robbing Gil and Adam from their earnings at Supercon, Keith is at first unconvinced. However, after realizing that Keith can get himself on the right track, he eventually agrees. They also enlist Sid Newberry, the writer of Future Force, who is tired of King’s antics. Will this team be able to both pull off the heist and get their revenge on Gil and Adam?

If you have been to a comic convention, then you know the deal. From what I’ve heard, it is actually a fun time to see your favorite sci-fi, comic, and TV actors along with comic book artists and film stars. For the most part, these icons let the fans take pictures with them and get autographs. There have been tales of chaos that tends to happen as well. But what would you do if you had worked with someone in the day and instead of supporting you, have you fired because of their massive ego? Zak Knutson may have the answer and does it in comic fashion.

The only way to pull this off is to have an ensemble cast and this film succeeds in just doing that. While he may be and will likely be forever known as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, Ryan Kwanten has had his share of comic roles and this is by far one of his funniest. As voice actor Matt, Kwanten is the mastermind behind the heist and has some witty lines that show his comic panache. He works well especially with Russell Peters and Maggie Grace as former child star Keith and comic book artist Allison, who Matt has had this lust for and even shows it during his “plans” for the heist. John Malkovich and Brooks Braselman give some funny support as two more of the guys who have grown tired of the egos.

Mike Epps and Clancy Brown serve as the “villains” of the piece. Epps plays the money-hungry organizer of the Supercon who has security in the form of Callahan, played by George Murdoch. Murdoch will perhaps be more known as former WWE star Brodus Clay. However, it is Brown that takes the cake as Adam King, the star of TV sci-fi hit “Future Force”, with his co-star being none other than Peters’ Keith. King is truly the definition of an egotistical maniac who thinks he is better than everyone else. It is all about money with this guy and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process, thus causing out “heroes” to do what they feel is necessary.

Supercon is a wild and crazy ride revolving around the world of comic conventions and egos. However, the good guys may not be justifiable in planning a robbery, but they do care about the important thing about these conventions: the fans.


Archstone Distribution presents a Con Man Pictures production. Director: Zak Knutson. Producers: Susan Gorrell, Michael R. Williams, Lisa Yesko, DJ Dodd, Ken Gorrell, and Mike Epps. Writers: Zak Knutson, Andy Sipes, and Dana Snyder. Cinematography: Zoran Popovich. Editing: Jay Wade Edwards and Dustin Chow.

Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Russell Peters, Maggie Grace, Brooks Braselman, John Malkovich, Clancy Brown, Mike Epps, George Murdoch, Caroline Fourmy, Zak Knutson.

Archstone Entertainment will release this title in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on April 27.

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