Breathing Fire (1991)

The Goonies and Temple of Doom’s Jonathan Ke Quan unleashes his martial arts skills in this B-movie that has gained cult status. Brothers Charlie and Tony Moore are competing in a major martial arts tournament in town. As they are working hard to advance, their father Michael has other plans. The leader of a band […]

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Home Alone (1990)

Macauley Culkin gets his breakout role in this classic holiday comedy in which he outwits two bumbling robbers in the most hysterical manner. Kevin McCallister is an eight-year old boy who feels like the runt of the family. Always bullied by his siblings, the holidays are nearing and Kevin, along with his extended family, are […]

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Supercon (2018)

Have you attended a comic con and got tired of arrogant icons who think they are above everyone else and wanted to do something about it? The guys in this film attempt to do just that in Zak Knutson’s raucous heist comedy. Keith Mahar was the co-star of a 80’s television series called Future Force. […]

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The Marine 3: Homefront (2013)

After John Cena and Ted DiBiase Jr., a stable WWE superstar takes over the franchise in this third and favorable installment of the series that would soon become The Miz’s trademark role. Granted a vacation, Marine Sgt. Jake Carter is returning home to Bridgeton, Washington. He is given a very warm reception from his best […]

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Karate Warrior 4 (1992)

The second Karate Warrior, Larry Jones, is back and he finds a new opponent but also finds some internal conflict in this fourth installment of the Karate Kid-ripoff series. Larry Jones has become popular with the local college crowd after defeating resident bully Joe Carson in a karate match. Larry is also in a stable […]

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The Secret Rivals (1976)

The Northern Leg and the Southern Fist unite to take on a common foe in one of the best well-known kung fu flicks that does not star Bruce Lee. The literal “kicker” or should we say “kickers” come in the forms of Taiwanese bootmaster John Liu and the King of Leg Fighters himself, Hwang Jung-Lee. […]

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