Chaos ensues in the U.S. trailer to Kim Sung-Soo‘s thriller Asura: The City of Madness, starring The Wailing‘s Kwak Do-Won and Hwang Jeong-Min alongside Jung Woo-Sung (Musa: The Warrior) and Joo Ji-Hoon.

Imagine a city where everything has gone to hell. The mayor is not only boldly corrupt and fearless, but an outright danger to anyone who gets in his path. Among the cronies who help him maintain power are not only fixers and gangsters, but also members of the police. The prosecutor’s office, which is determined to bring him down, tries first through the courts and then through less legal means to bring him to justice. But in their own way, the prosecutors are just as wicked and ruthless, and the higher up the chain of command you go, the worse they are. As tension and hatred grows, and friendships turn into rivalries, there is only one possible outcome. A storm of violence is coming to Annam City.

Detective Han (Jung), who for years has been secretly doing dirty work for the corrupt mayor Park Sungbae (Hwang), is now pressured by a ruthless prosecutor Kim Cha-in (Kwak) to cooperate in an investigation against the mayor. Feeling trapped, Han persuades his young partner Sunmo (Joo) to take over his work for the mayor, but things start to get tangled in unpredictable ways. As things are getting worse, only the most evil survives in this dog-eat-dog world.

The film comes to CGV Theaters in Los Angeles on October 7, 2016 followed by a nationwide release on October 14, 2016.