Death Wish 3 (1985)

Paul Kersey is back in New York and this time, he’s planning to clean up the streets once again. But this time, he’s not alone. Living in Los Angeles has taken its toll on Paul Kersey. After avenging his daughter and returning to life, Paul decides to visit an old friend, Charlie, in New York […]

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Death Wish (1974)

Charles Bronson becomes a one-man vigilante force in this classic action film based on a Brian Garfield novel. Paul Kersey is a mild-mannered New York architect who lives a happy life both at work and at home with his wife Joanna and daughter Carol. However, one fateful day will change Paul’s life forever. When a […]

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Infernal Affairs (2002)

This Hong Kong thriller is hailed as one of the greatest action dramas and it would be the inspiration for an Academy Award winning film. Two police officers, Lau Kin-Ming and Chan Wing-Yan, are truly opposites, but there is a connection between them. Lau is actually a mole working for Hon Sam, a notorious Triad […]

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The Cannonball Run (1981)

An ensemble cast “drives” (pun intended) the craziest car race in the United States, based on true events, and is hailed as one of the comedy classics of the 1980’s. A major car race known as the Cannonball is going to begin in a few days. Many racers are ready, including former stock car racer […]

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211 (2018)

What should have been a typical ride along turns to a fight for survival in this thriller inspired by a 1997 incident that changed the police world in terms of arms. In the small town of Chesterford, Massachusetts, police officer Mike Chandler is on the verge of retirement. Partnered with his son-in-law Steve McAvoy, he […]

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