In the 80’s trend of high school violence movies, Adam Baldwin is forced to face his past when he faces his old gang in this action thriller.

At Lincoln High, the Cobras were the toughest gang that took over the school. Dealing with everything including drug dealing, the muscle of the group was Jeff Hanna. However, after a confrontation with Cinco, the leader of the gang, Jeff has decided to go straight and forget his past once and for all. A year has passed by and Jeff has found a new love in the respectable Sherry Havilland, who is aware of Jeff’s past but sees him as the man he is now. However, Cinco has not forgotten the altercation and still has ill-will towards Jeff.

While Cinco constantly threatens Jeff to some extent, Jeff has always turned the other way. However, things are about to explode when a drug raid at the school, led by Detective Horner, occurs. Cinco, in a moment of desperation, turns to Jeff to act as the scapegoat. However, Jeff makes it clear he wants no part of his past. This causes Cinco to go over the edge and decides if Jeff really is not with him, then he is against him. When he leads the gang on an assault of Sherry, Jeff finally has no choice but to confront his past and it will occur after school…at 3:15.

During the 1980’s, the world of high school violence, which began with films such as The Blackboard Jungle in the 1950’s, hit a major resurgence when 1982’s Class of 1984 was released. While there have been films revolving around vigilantism (Dangerously Close) and administration fighting back (The Principal) would be released, this pretty underrated film was actually filmed in 1984 but would be released in 1986 after a distributor picked it up.

The film’s assets are that of its two main leads, Adam Baldwin and Deborah Foreman, as the high school couple who couldn’t be more opposite. Baldwin, at the time coming off his fame from My Bodyguard and D.C. Cab, plays the former muscle of a high school gang who just wants to be left alone and not want to re-enter the world he once was a part of. Foreman, who had come off her breakout role in the comedy Valley Girl in 1983, plays Baldwin’s new girlfriend who comes from a respectable family who are not too thrilled with her dating Baldwin. Look out for 80’s B-movie icon Wings Hauser in a cameo as Foreman’s father.

The gang themselves are led by the grudge-holding Cinco, played by Danny De La Paz, whose performance is somewhat reminiscent of Timothy Van Patten’s iconic Peter Stegman from Class of 1984. However, instead of making a teacher’s life miserable, he spends the film attempting to make Baldwin’s Jeff miserable to the breaking point of Jeff’s refusal of taking the fall for the drug bust. This leads to the final confrontation where Jeff must take on his old gang, with the predictable results of this genre of film. Rene Auberjonois and Ed Lauter make for some good ample support respectively as the high school principal and the detective in charge of the drug bust. Look out for a pre-fame Gina Gershon as one of the Cobrettes, the female gang members of the Cobras and a future movie producer named Dean Devlin in a brief role as well as a fellow high school student.

3:15 is an underrated 80’s high school action film that makes good use of Adam Baldwin as someone who wants to forget his past but learns the only way to move on is to confront the past once and for all. The film also has ample support from the likes of Deborah Foreman and Danny De La Paz as the love interest and villain respectively.


A Romax Productions/Wescom Productions film. Director: Larry Gross. Producers: Robert Kenner and Dennis Brody. Writers: Sam Bernard and Michael Jacobs. Cinematography: Misha Suslov. Editing: Steven Kemper

Cast: Adam Baldwin, Deborah Foreman, John Scott Clough, Bradford Bancroft, Rene Auberjonois, Danny De La Paz, Lori Eastside, Mario Van Peebles, Panchito Gomez, Ed Lauter, Nancy Locke,
Wings Hauser.