Thrashin’ (1986)

To capitalize on the trend of skateboarding , this film was made to bring the popularity of the trend as well as attempt to make bigger stars out of The Goonies’ Josh Brolin and Weird Science’s resident bad boy Robert Rusler. Corey Webster is a skateboarder who heads to Los Angeles for the summer to […]

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KK Family List (1997)

From the director of L.A. Street Fighters comes this action tale that takes elements from that very film and uses the influence of the real life Korean Killers (KK) gang in Los Angeles combined with a star-crossed romance that reminds one of some of the great U.S. made martial arts films. The Korean Killers, or KK, […]

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High Kick Girl (2009)

From martial artist and filmmaker Fuyuhiko Nishi comes this standardized film that emphasizes on two things: the Japanese martial art of karate and seeing the typical high kicking schoolgirl, hence the name of the film. Kei Tsuchiya is a brown belt in karate under her sensei Matsumura. She wants desperately to become a black belt […]

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Look at Me, America (1991)

Korean director Richard W. Park, known for L.A. Street Fighters, Miami Connection, and American Chinatown, directs this action-filled drama of rivals in high school who despite having a connection in terms of family, hold a grudge for each other. Korean-born immigrant Paul is a top running back in football. He is also a martial artist, […]

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Yes Madam! (1985)

Hong Kong action cinema has had its share of female warriors from Cheng Pei-Pei in the late 60’s to Angela Mao in the 70’s. With this Corey Yuen-directed action feature, two names became synonymous with action. However, one of the ladies broke the mold and became one of the first foreigners to have a lead […]

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District B13 (2004)

Luc Besson, the man behind the films La Femme Nikita and The Fifth Element amongst others, wrote the screenplay for this amazing action packed film that highlights the free running art of parkour, and its creator, David Belle. The title of the film refers to a lowly district outside of Paris, which has been plagued […]

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Badsville (2018)

A gang leader attempts to start a new life but finds major complications in this indie drama from director April Mullen. For as long as it has been, the Badsville Kings and Aces have been in a major turf war. Always fighting each other, the two gangs have never reached a truce. For Wink, the […]

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