The Divine Move (2014)

The Asian chess-like game of Go, or in this case, Baduk, gets deadly in this action thriller from director Jo Bum-Gu. Tae-Seok is a young man whose skills in the game of baduk has led him to help his elder brother Woo-Seok, who’s in a jam. Woo-Seok has been challenged to take on “Player”, a […]

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Big Match (2014)

From the director of Bloody Tie comes a film that can be described as a Korean version of the WWE film 12 Rounds but switch a cop for a mixed martial arts champion and adding a twist that is vital to the story. Choi Ik-Ho is a former professional soccer player whose antics have destroyed […]

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Dragon Hunt (1990)

Canada’s “Twin Dragons” are back in this action packed sequel to their film debut as they go from being hunters to being the hunted. Mercenary leader Jake is seeking revenge against the Twin Dragons, martial artist brothers who had stopped him from taking over a small island. Jake lost his hand as a result of […]

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The Temptation Game (2015)

  A test of wits and temptation charge up this short film from first time filmmaker Charline Odiot. Craig and Laura are a happily married couple when Laura decides to play a little game with her husband. She decides to pretend to be an actress in an attempt to test her husband on whether he […]

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The Condemned 2 (2015)

From the writer of Tekken and the “go-to” guy for straight to DVD sequels, WWE superstar Randy Orton takes over as he’s forced to be part of a deadly game and no, this is not 12 Rounds. Will Tanner is a former bounty hunter who no longer gets himself in the business after a botched […]

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12 Rounds (2009)

  After proving himself to be an action star with The Marine in 2006, WWE superstar John Cena returns in this action packed thriller that has one detective involved in one of the biggest “games” of his life, one that could possibly cause him just that…his life. May 16, 2007. The FBI has attempted to […]

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