Four friends reunite and play a drinking game that can send them to Hell…literally, in this wild and funny comedy from music video director Alberto Belli.

Paul is down and out after his wife decides to leave him for the more outgoing Andre. When his old buddy Cliff learns of the news, he decides to call up on friends Samantha and Troy. The four were once inseparable, but it has been over ten years since they last got together. At first, they all had planned to just spend a few hours together and reminisce. However, upon overhearing Paul’s conversation with his soon-to-be-ex, they decide to spend the night with him and have fun.

Cliff brings in a new drinking board game he found at the local pawn shop. A game called “Gatlopp”. The group decide to play the game but soon learn that they may begin to regret it. The game has special powers. When they learn the cards have their names on it and they are forced to tell some truths about themselves, they are in shock. When Cliff gets a card where he can confront an ex of his, he is stunned to find her in the house and after confronting her, she vanishes into thin air. The rules are simple. No lying and one person must win, or they will be forced to play the game for all eternity…in Hell.

From the mind of Jim Mahoney, this horror-comedy (more the latter than former) is the feature film directorial debut of Alberto Belli and is this a fun ride. This is definitely one for those who love drinking games, board games, and gateway to Hell films. This is a wild meshing that relies on the chemistry between the four leads, and it succeeds on all counts.

Mahoney himself plays the very down Paul, who is going through a divorce with Jon Bass being the upbeat buddy Cliff, whose excitement over the new game at first is met with resistance. However, add to the mix Emmy Raver-Lampman’s tough talking Samantha and Sarunas Jackson’s smart-alecky Troy and you’re in for a good time with this eclectic group of chums.

The gags are a hoot in the film. We get to see exes vanish into thin air. The horror piece sets in when a wrong answer ends up resulting in Cliff getting an arow pierced through his leg. 80’s fans are going to have a blast when the four friends are forced to work together to keep the game going via aerobics. Yes, you heard that right. It is exactly how it sounds, and it is hysterical to watch. Making the most of his limited time on screen, The Nutty Professor remake’s John Ales plays the eccentric Andre and one can only hope he gets some sort of repercussion for stealing Paul’s wife, but you will just have to keep your fingers crossed.

Gatlopp is a fun and wild ride for those who love drinking games, board games, and well, films about finding some gateway to Hell. The four leads are perfectly cast as they have such natural chemistry and the gags work really well.


XYZ Films presents a Tea Shop Productions film in association with Particular Crowd and Signature Films. Director: Alberto Belli. Producers: Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, James Harris, and Mark Lane. Writer: Jim Mahoney. Cinematography: Deng Xing-Mai. Editing: Alberto Belli and Jeff Sharpe.

Cast: Emmy Raver-Lampman, Jim Mahoney, Jon Bass, Sarunas J. Jackson, Shelley Hennig, John Ales, Amy Davidson, Nancy Linehan Charles, Patricia Belcher, Jeff Meacham.

The film will debut On Demand and on Digital on June 23 from XYZ Films.