The Temptation Game (2015)




A test of wits and temptation charge up this short film from first time filmmaker Charline Odiot.

Craig and Laura are a happily married couple when Laura decides to play a little game with her husband. She decides to pretend to be an actress in an attempt to test her husband on whether he can resist temptation or prove himself to be a loyal faithful husband. Will Craig be able to resist and prove his love for his wife or give in to that all too familiar notion of temptation?

A powerful, psychologically and erotically charged short film, first time director Charline Odiot crafts a brilliant story of a couple who is tested when the wife decides to play a game that could potentially have some dire consequences. The setting is simple: inside a bedroom with our couple in bed and around the bed as we see this game being played.

The duo cast of Jessica Graham and Ross Crain really showcase some great talent as the couple. Graham’s Laura brings a sense of sensuality with a dash of wit as even the viewer can be seen to be confused by whether she is playing the doting wife or her alter ego, in this case, the seductive actress who is the character in the game while Crain’s Craig  does whatever he can to resist temptation and prove his love for Laura.

Beautifully shot, with the cast giving charged up performances, Charline Odiot’s The Tempation Game is a powerfully charged short film full of both psychological battles meshed with eroticism. Definitely an interesting film to check out.


A Sibay Films Production. Director: Charline Odiot. Producer: Michael Sibay. Writers: Charline Odiot and Michael Sibay. Cinematography: Donald MacKinnon. Editing: Sherwood Jones.

Cast: Jessica Graham, Ross Crain

A special thank you goes out to Charline Odiot for allowing WFG to see the film. The film is available to view on and on TV by Shorts International.

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