2047: Virtual Revolution (2017)

A bounty hunter finds himself torn between his job and the fate of the world in this sci-fi film that blends elements from Blade Runner and The Matrix. It is the year 2047. Ninety percent of the world has been known as the Connected. The Connected are the citizens who find their daily live in […]

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Boone the Bounty Hunter (2017)

Prepared to get “Boone’d” in this fun action wild ride written by and starring professional wrestler John Hennigan, aka Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo. Reality TV star Boone the Bounty Hunter is known for hunting down celebrities. However, the ratings have gone down and his producer Olivia breaks the sad news to the star that his […]

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Combat Mortal (2004)

2004, Z Productions/Reel Asian Films/The Supreme Ultimate Fist Director: Dr. Zee Lo Producer: Dr. Zee Lo Writer: Dr. Zee Lo Cinematography: David Austin Editing: Kate Johnson Cast: Dr. Zee Lo (Billy Lee/Master Qi/Inspector Couseau) Nikita Ager (Nicole King) Joe Ho (Wu Feng) John Milios (Zoh) John Truong (Hwang) Sid Campbell (Capt. O’Rourke) Samuel Lima (Det. […]

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