A tough-talking bounty hunter captures then teams up with his target in this buddy action comedy from indie filmmaker extraordinare Jared Cohn.

Mal Cooper was one of the best cops on the force until he was fired for knocking out a senator’s son who did some very naughty things. Now a bounty hunter, Mal is one of the best in the biz. Working for Alexander Rogan, Mal is given an assignment that may change his life forever. Despite being offered a chance to rejoin the force, Mal feels more comfortable doing his current work because he can be him.

The latest target is Jake Gordon, a con artist who is to be a key witness in a trial for his former boss  Beaumont. As soon as Mal catches Jake, their lives are instantly in danger when they face off against both dirty cops and mercenaries. Mal and Jake find the only way they can get Jake to the courthouse in time is to work together. Along the way, they find out more about each other as well as why Jake is being targeted. Can they make it out alive in time for court?

Jared Cohn has been making a name for himself making a series of fun genre films whether it’s action or horror amongst others. Recently releasing a book where he talked about fifty films he made and the lessons learned from those experiences, one thing is for sure. He loves his work and his latest film is a fun-filled buddy comedy where a bounty hunter and his target feels like a B-movie take on 48 Hours, but with a nicely added twist to where we replace bikers with corrupt cops and mercenaries.

Theo Rossi Is both tough and funny as bounty hunter Mal Cooper, who would rather let his ego and reputation do the talking and finds bounty hunting more to his liking rather than be a by-the-book cop. His comebacks are funny and it is like he can sense what the person in front of him will say to get out of trouble, leading to another quick-witted comeback. Shane Paul McGhie is a great complement in the role of target Jake, who cons his way through many situations, including getting back with an ex before Mal busts in and starts the love-hate relationship between the two.

Treach, who appeared in Cohn’s MMA film Lord of the Streets, makes the most of his screen time as Beaumont. He even gets in a small fight scene against two thugs from a rival boss while in prison. Dermot Mulroney makes the most as well as the police chief who despite the fact he had to fire Cooper, has a liking to him and hopes he comes back to the force. In a film where there are corrupt cops, there is that one good cop willing to help our heroes and that is Detective Hatch, played by Sufe Bradshaw. Kim Coates also brings in some comic relief as Cooper’s handler Rogan with his funny lines and nervousness in the job.

The Getback feels like a reboot of 48 Hours with a nice added twist mixed in along with some great performances from Theo Rossi and Shane Paul McGhie as the “buddies”. It is a fun ride and little trivia, look out for Cooper’s first target, named after another indie film director, one I had the pleasure to have recently interviewed.


Tubi presents a Mutiny Films production. Director: Jared Cohn. Producer: Demetrius Steer. Writers: Chad Law and Garry Charles. Cinematography: Marcus Friedlander. Editing: Eric Yakult Chase.

Cast: Theo Rossi, Shane Paul McGhie, Sufe Bradshaw, Dermot Mulroney, Kim Coates, Anthony “Treach” Criss, J.C. Anthony, Ryan Francis, Sarah Voigt, Ritchie Montgomery, Erin O’Brien, Jesse O’Neill.