Carano is Unleashed in “Scorched Earth” Trailer

Mixed martial arts legend Gina Carano is back on the screens and brings the pain in a post-apocalyptic setting in the trailer for Scorched Earth.

In the film, Carano plays bounty hunter Attica Gage, who in a world that has now become a rudimentary society after a devastating attack from Mother Nature, leaving most of the population gone. Gage is set to get a major bounty against an outlaw named Tom Jackson, played by Ryan Robbins. Things become complicated when she comes across a young slave who reminds Gage of her late sister.

A meshing of MMA action, spaghetti western, and post-apocalyptic film, the movie co-stars John Hannah, Stephanie Bennett, and Alisha Newton. Directed by Peter Howitt from a script by Kevin Leeson and Bobby Mort, Scorched Earth will be coming to a limited theater and VOD release on February 2, 2018.

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