Wonder Woman (2017)

DC’s Amazonian Princess turned superhero explodes on the big screen that truly unleashes a blend of drama, comedy, and action all in one wonderfully executed package. Since childhood, all that Diana, Princess of Themyscira, wanted to do is become a warrior like her mother, Queen Hipployta. Despite her reluctance, Hippolyta eventually lets Diana train under […]

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Jailbreak (2017)

Cambodia unleashes some martial arts action in the vein of Indonesian hit The Raid with this action thriller. Playboy, the apparent leader of the Butterfly Gang, has been found guilty of crimes and is set to be sentenced and sent to Prei Klaa Prison. However, while in court, he has made the proclamation that he […]

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Shock Wave (2017)

Andy Lau becomes the target of a revenge plot as the fate of Hong Kong is in his hands in this Herman Yau-directed action thriller. J.S. Cheung has risen through the ranks to become one of the most decorated officers of Hong Kong Police’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit. However, two years ago, he went undercover […]

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Gintama (2017)

The hit manga by Hideaki Sorachi has a live action adaptation and it caters to both fans of the source material as well as newcomers to the title, thanks in part to some over the top antics that work quite well. Twenty years ago, Edo was invaded by aliens and the government, calling them Amanto, […]

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Stratton (2017)

Duncan Falconer’s military hero comes from the pages to the screen in this thriller from the director of Con Air and The Expendables 2. John Stratton is a Special Boat Service officer who works for MI6 in London. With partner and Navy SEAL Marty Sturges, Stratton is on a mission to retrieve and destroy a […]

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