Before he felt a revelation, future CIA analyst Jim Yung finds his destiny in this first installment of Derek Ting’s franchise.

Getting fired and getting rejected by the CIA has made Jim Yung a depressed man with headaches. His friends Seth and Kara are coming to visit him along with Angela, who seems to have a bit of a crush on Jim. When the group decides to go to the desert for a course in learning how to shoot guns. For Jim, it would be great as he was rejected to join their elite field crew and could use the practice. However, soon enough, Jim and his friends are about to discover something they wish they hadn’t.

The group are exposed to a dust that all of a sudden gives them powers. For Jim, he has the ability to discover who is from this world and who is not. When he slowly learns that certain people in the area have been possessed or taken over by aliens, Jim discovers he has the ability to fight and use firepower. Along with Angela, Jim attempts to find out why he has this power unleashed while also learning that his closest friends may now have been possessed with the intent to kill him.

Just last week, Derek Ting released his superpowered hero film Agent Revelation, which was revealed to be the second in a film franchise he launched in 2017. This is the first film which Ting gave fans a chance to watch for free on YouTube before its official release. While Agent Revelation does provide some flashbacks on how his lead hero of Jim Yung gained his powers, we get the full story here.

Ting’s Jim is the epitome of what can make a superhero. An ordinary person with problems, we see Jim go from this depressed man with a dream to one who must become a hero when he’s given powers. We get to see Jim slowly use his powers as he can see who is human and who is not. He also gains an ability to fight and shoot, two things he needed to be an expert in to live his dream to be a field agent.

Kudos goes out to stunt coordinator Tim Garris and fight choreographer Alvin Hsing for their work in the action department. Ting has this everyman look and can fight really well for this franchise. As with Revelation, a potential action filmmaker is on the rise as there are surprise twists, including the arrival of a rogue military unit as well as certain characters turning evil due to some sort of malevolence possessing them, that make this a pretty good indie action film that should be checked out as we see Ting attempt to evade and fight off those who threaten him as he seeks answers to why he has been given these powers.

Agent Intelligence is a pretty good “prequel” or first installment that goes both twisty and straightforward with Derek Ting bringing a new hero to life. Check this out along with Agent Revelation to see a new hero in Jim Yung, everyman turned CIA analyst and superhuman warrior.


A Random Art Workshop production. Director: Derek Ting. Producers: Derek Ting and Joyce Yung. Writer: Derek Ting. Cinematography: Marvin Tam. Editing: Victor Pena.

Cast: Derek Ting, Marikah Cunningham, Eric Keitel, Olivia Hultgren, Terrence C. Jones, Carole Weyers, Danny Parker-Lopes, Joe Fidler, Tim Garris, Urs Inauen, Anthony Oh, Stephen Dunford, Thomas Vu, Joyce Yung.

The film will be released on all major platforms on January 26, 2021.