A street hustler falls for a mafioso’s daughter and chaos ensues in this film starring, written, and directed by Undisputed III and The Paper Tigers star Mykel Shannon Jenkins.

Mikey James has always known how to hustle ever since he learned from Olympus, the head of “The Gods”. Olympus is on good terms with local Mafia boss “Pops” Fassano, who gives Mikey a job out of respect for his dad. However, when Mikey meets Pops’ daughter Sofia, the two instantly fall in love. However, their romance is considered forbidden because Pops would rather have Sofia marry an Italian like him and the relationship definitely doesn’t bode well with Anthony, Pops’ oldest son.

Despite the issues, Mikey and Sofia continue to see each other, and a massive rift begins to form between “The Gods” and the Fassano Family. Soon enough, tensions between both factions rise and something tragic is set to occur when Mikey and Sofia announce they are getting married.

With a successful career in the industry, Mykel Shannon Jenkins decided to create a saga in which a forbidden Romeo and Juliet romance causes turmoil between a promising alliance between two gangs. The film focuses on the Romeo of the film, Mikey, as he tries to find a way out of both his hustling ways and the influence of the Mafia, but the romance complicates his dreams and causes chaos within both his family and the Fassano family.

Jenkins is a great actor and while he did a lot with the film, including directing, producing, and writing, he showcases his talents in front as well. As Mikey, he is determined to do what it takes to be accepted despite objections from all sides due to his actions. As for Stefania Spampinato, she is great as the love interest Sofia, who while one would imagine being some troubled little girl, is more strong-willed due to her upbringing and stands up to both her father and brother when it comes to Mikey.

Kevin Interdonato may seem to play it over the top at times but playing a Mafioso’s son allows him to channel his inner James Caan in the role of Anthony Fassano while Talbot Perry Simons really lays it over the top as Pops, but only when he learns of the romance between Mikey and Sofia. As for Ernest Thomas, his attempt to be the voice of reason and doesn’t go over the top when it comes to his performance. He really tries to be the voice of reason, but if there is a hot-headed member of the Gods, that honor goes to Mikey’s brother Keither, played by Nicoye Banks, who once things hit the fan, he attempts to act like he’s the boss.

The Gods is actually a pretty good film that brings to mind a modern-day Romeo and Juliet motif, but unlike the Montagues and Capulets, the two factions here actually had a peaceful understanding until the romance begins. The ending is a bit shocking and leads to a sequel that was recently released.


A Painted Black Productions film. Director: Mykel Shannon Jenkins. Producers: Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Leif Holt, and Bryce Clyde Jenkins. Writer: Mykel Shannon Jenkins. Cinematography: Igor Kosenko. Editing: Nicholas Larrabure.

Cast: Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Stefania Spampinato, Kevin Interdonato, Talbot Perry Simons, Ernest Thomas, Nicoye Banks, Leif Holt, Casey Ford Alexander, Bryce Clyde Jenkins, Keri Blunt.