It’s Becky set in the Wild West as a 12-year-old must protect her family in this Western horror film.

Robert Smith lives in a homestead on the Western frontier with wife Beth, son Brian, and daughter Irene. Irene has learned well from her father the skills of survival, especially when it comes to marksmanship. This causes a bit of friction with Brian as he is older and feels a bit jealous of his younger sister. One day, a surveyor, Jonathan Redmond, arrives on the homestead in hope to find some land. However, the family soon learn the horrifying truth.

Not long after Jonathan’s arrival, the family find themselves under duress when Jonathan is revealed to be part of a deadly gang of outlaws. The gang arrives and confronts Robert, who was once one of the gang until he left with a ton of money and started over. The gang’s leader is Ezekiel, who demands Robert return the money he stole from the gang. However, when he has stolen it, they take him and kill him, forcing Irene to do what Beth and Brian can’t do: seek revenge by using her skills.

Writer/director Ehrland Hollingsworth crafted this film in the vein of kid revenge films such as the recent hit Becky (which is getting a sequel this year) and set it in the Wild West. The story of a 12-year-old skills in gunslinging against a gang of outlaws is unheard of, but where Becky used her skills to pull a deadly case of Home Alone, this film’s main setting is a small house and our unlikely heroine uses skills in gunslinging to protect her family and avenge her dad.

While horror veterans Brian Krause and Jamie Bernadette take top billing, the film’s real star is breakout Betsy Sligh as the heroic and revenge-seeking Irene. Tough as nails from her opening scene where she shows her skills as a means to upstage her brother, Irene is not one to take lip. She is very confident from the beginning and even when Brian gets jealous, she does try her best to make amends on numerous occasions.

The outlaws are very deadly and have their own personalities. Greg Kriek’s Jonathan is the setup man as he comes off at first as a nice guy until his true intentions are known. Former wrestler Dallas Page is the tough subleader Lewis and shows he has some acting chops. Mike Markoff’s Peter is the tough member who loves killing along with Mike Ferguson’s hulking Big Ben. Mark Madeo’s Enoch aka Nucky is a sly type and their lead, Scut Sperlock’s Ezekiel uses religion motives and claims to be “a friend of the Devil”.

Homestead is quite a wild Western horror film that can be described as “Becky in the Wild West” with Betsy Sligh leading the veterans as the unlikely heroine. Some great support from the likes of Brian Krause, Jamie Bernadette, and Dallas Page highlight this film.


Filmdom presents an Oak Street Productions film. Director: Ehrland Hollingsworth. Producers: Ehrland Hollingsworth and Amna Mehmood. Writer: Ehrland Hollingsworth. Cinematography: Lisa Stoll. Editing: Ehrland Hollingsworth.

Cast: Brian Krause, Jamie Bernadette, Betsy Sligh, Dallas Page, Greg Kriek, Mike Ferguson, Mike Markoff, Mark Madeo, Scut Sperlock, Cavan Tonascia.