The director of the horror comedy Big Top Evil invites you to meet a new stand-up comedian…who will love to eat you!!!

Cannibal Comedian is the latest film from Sean Haitz and it revolves around a psychopathic cannibal (Aaron Prager) fed up with his lack of ambition who decides to try his hand at standup comedy in an attempt to satisfy his appetite for normalcy.

Set in the modern-day American west, the film pairs dark, over-the-top humor and rampaging horror at full
throttle. Littered with scary, grotesque, and wildly energetic characters, Cannibal Comedian is a love letter
to stand-up comedy and horror films such as Tobe Hooper’s 1974 cannibal classic The Texas Chainsaw
, of which two of the original cast members lend their talents here with involvement from original
cast members Edwin Neal, most known for his unforgettable role as The Hitchhiker (A.K.A. Nubbins
Sawyer) and Allen Danziger (A.K.A. Jerry).

Austin Judd, Robert Dunne, David Vega, & Mis Sadistic co-star in the film, which is currently seeking distribution.

Thanks to Sean Haitz for sending me the info!