Gregory James Cohan as The VelociPastor

Brandon Steere is ready to bring back one of the greatest cult heroes in modern day, The VelociPastor.

Steere has launched a Kickstarter campaign to unleash The VelociPastor 2, which would bring back Gregory James Cohan as a man of the cloth who has the power to become a deadly dinosaur to kill bad guys. And this time, Steere (who co-wrote the script and will be a producer) and co-writer/director Jesse Gouldsbury plans to set the film in the 1980s with influences of Italian giallo, Cold War spy films, and folk horror as opposed to the 1970s exploitation/martial arts/horror influence of the original.

“Doug and Carol travel to the port city of Milan, where they have to solve a series of murders committed by a masked slasher at an Italian Fertility Festival. And Soviet Spies. INTERPOL’s there, too.”

To help bring The Velocipastor 2 to life, go to this link: