The parasitic creatures attached to fornication returns in this sequel to Shawn Burkett’s 2016 camping trope horror masterpiece.

At Camp Pine Hills, a group of counselors have arrived to help prepare for the upcoming season. Joined by Gil, an ex-con hired as the groundskeeper, the group takes in on the camp and start working. As the preparations are almost done, the counselors decide to have some fun. However, they are soon about to make a big mistake.

Five years ago, Jane was the sole survivor of a parasitic creature that attacked when people are fornicating. Losing the love of her life, Alex, Jane has been hellbent on revenge but when she arrives at the camp, she is nearly incapacitated and warns the others of the creatures. However, for some it is too late as the creatures have turned its victims into monsters. Can the survivors be able to stay alive or will they fall prey to the parasites?

In 2016, Shawn Burkett did something incredible. He took one of the classic horror tropes and made it the focus of his microbudget horror cult classic Don’t F**k in the Woods. The film gained a massive following and after its reputation as a sleeper indie horror film, there was talk of a sequel. Burkett had an investor who showed interest in a sequel only to pull out (no pun intended) at the last minute. Using crowdfunding as a means, he finally unleashes the sequel and chances are if you are a fan of the original, you’ll enjoy this new film.

While the film has a fresh crop of new victims, the madness starts in the opening scene but sporadically comes in the first half. However, by the second half, the action really heats up and we mean the parasitic attacks on the counselors. However, we get a surprise in the sole survivor of the original film, Brittany Blanton’s Jane, who returns to warn the counselors of the parasites. The one who supports Jane more than anyone is Gil, played by Cheyenne Gordon, an ex-con turned groundskeeper who is not liked by the sheriff because of his past. For Gil, it’s a story of redemption when he must come face to face with the creatures.

The wormlike creatures have some effect, turning their victims into something out of the 1986 horror classic Night of the Creeps. They come as zombified mutants who attempt to infect the others, which leads to some (literally) bloody battles with Jane and Gil leading the way. The FX team gets major kudos for going the great practical route with one scene involving a geyser of blood spewing all over Gil. This was done with a machine affectionally called the “GoreGun 3000” according to Burkett. The finale leads to a open ending and after this one, here is hoping we get a third (and according to Burkett, final) installment.

Don’t F**k in the Woods 2 continues the chaos between the classic horror trope of sex and the parasitic monsters who are attracted to such trope. Lots of gore and “fun” will please fans of the original for sure and here’s hoping with get a DFITW3.


Wild Eye Releasing presents a Concept Media production in association with Studio 605 and Cyfuno Ventures. Director: Shawn Burkett. Producer: Shawn Burkett. Writers: Shawn Burkett and Cheyenne Gordon. Cinematography: Shawn Burkett and Travis Wilson. Editing: Shawn Burkett.

Cast: Brittany Blanton, Cheyenne Gordon, Mark Justice, Kenzie Phillips, Julie Anne Prescott, Jason Crowe, Nessa Moore, Kayla Elizabeth, Tom Komisar, Alex Gottmann.

The film is released on Digital today with a Blu-Ray release set for December 2022.