Jeff Wincott gives us a little look at his struggles with addiction in this semi-autobiographical short film he wrote and directed.

Kidd Brock was an actor who has been sober for ten years after taking steroid-infused protein bars from Germany. He is given a chance at a comeback when he is offered the lead role in a new action film called “One Second”. With four weeks to shoot, Kidd decides to get himself back in fighting shape for the film. However, as he hits the gym and begins training, the experience doesn’t go as planned. He soon makes a decision that could derail everything he’s worked hard for.

For 90s action star Jeff Wincott, to finally open up about his addictions and recovering is very inspiring to those who may have a similar experience. In 2016, Wincott wrote and directed this short film as a lesson in the consequences of addictions. Playing a version of himself in Kidd Brock, Wincott has his character ten years sober after an addiction to steroid-infused protein bars but finds himself back on that horse when the training he endures to prepare doesn’t go as planned. Wincott’s intention was to showcase what can happen when addiction creeps its ugly head back, thinking it will help, but ultimately hurt the addict involved.

The title has a double meaning as we see Kidd at his best with the help of the protein bars…as if he must rely on the bars for his training and the effect of that addiction puts him mentally in a prison. The only one who tries to get through to him is his agent Nancy, played by Lesleh Donaldson. She is the only one who gives a damn because she wants him to have a successful comeback as long as it’s within reason and without the addictions. Sadly, this is the story of a decision that becomes a consequence and a lesson to learn.

Behind Bars is a great look at an attempt to make a comeback but make a decision that ultimately hinders that comeback due to a past addiction. Jeff Wincott once again shines here and with his recent comeback this year, one can only say he has become an inspiration.


A Civelli-Wincott Film in association with Motion Picture . Director: Jeff Wincott. Producers: Michele Civelli and Jeff Wincott. Writer: Jeff Wincott. Cinematography: Michele Civelli. Editing: Michele Civelli.

Cast: Jeff Wincott, Lesleh Donaldson, Christian Delevante, Xandra Leigh Parker, Robert Galinsky, Freddy Bosche, Brad Fryman, Joe Pinter.

See the film for yourself above!

If you or anyone you know has an addiction to substance use or suffers from mental health, please go to for information on how you can get the help and resources you need to overcome addiction. As Jeff Wincott says in this documentary, “You are not perfect. I am not perfect. I have to just keep trying. Keep trying, one day at a time” …and you can too. Keep trying one day at a time. Words of inspiration.