I am Paul Walker (2018)

It is only fitting that on the fifth anniversary of his tragic death, this documentary about Paul Walker just shows how much he cared not only about the people around him, but the world in general. Paul Walker has come from a lineage of tough guys. His grandfather, Paul II, was a former boxing champion. […]

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“Death” Lives On: An Interview with Actor Robert “Bronzi” Kovacs

Robert Kovacs is the 21st Century Charles Bronson. It is clear with his uncanny resemblance to one of Hollywood’s most legendary action and western actors that Kovacs, a Hungarian-born actor and stuntman, would eventually be discovered and be given the nickname “Bronzi”. Discovered by indie filmmaker Rene Perez, Kovacs got his start in a western-horror […]

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Ride (2018)

A night in Los Angeles is about to take a terrible turn for a couple in the feature film directorial debut of Jeremy Ungar. James is an aspiring actor who works as an Uber driver while in-between acting gigs. On this particular night, he picks up young Jessica, who takes a liking to him. After […]

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