A group of outcasts exact revenge on their tormentors in this horror thriller with a pretty good ensemble cast.

At the local high school, a group of the elite popular kids have fun enjoying on bullying a group of outcasts. For Dane, Ravi, Emily, Andy, and Jack, they’ve endured the harassment of Bradley, Heather, and their friends for too long. So, they have decided to hatch a plan. With Dane recently inheriting his uncle’s farmland, they decide to invite the elite to a costume party, but this is one party that the elite will never forget.

While the party is being held, the group finds themselves in a bit of a bind when Kurtis, the one popular student who has helped the outcasts and is friends with them, shows up at the party. Not taking any chances, Dane decides to go through with the plan. The elite take some spiked drinks and are knocked out. When they wake up, they are chained to the floor. The outcasts, wearing masks and Dane leading the way, informs the elite that they are in for a rough night as they do not plan to kill anyone, but make them suffer the same way they have, but worse. This is one party the elite will forever regret attending.

While the high school bullies get theirs from the unlikeliest of students is something that has been done before, this one goes a different route. Inspired by Saw to say the least, we have our bullied kids seeking revenge against the elite popular kids by drugging them and subjecting them to “play some games” that will result in torture.

The ensemble cast of outcasts are excellent in the film, led by Degrassi alum Marc Donato as leader Dane. Donato had displayed some of the characteristics he had as Derek on the hit series and brings them to his role here. He was both bullied and a bully himself on the show and here, he is bullied until he is pushed over the edge and then becomes the bully himself. Going to great lengths to ensure the plan goes on without a hitch, when things don’t turn up, he unleashes his fury.

Lindsey Seidel, Travis Tedford, Eric Isenhower, and Vincent Silochan round out the cast as fellow outcasts and avengers Emily, Andy, Jack, and Ravi. Justin Arnold and the singularly named Julin lead the cast of bullies in the form of football jock Bradley and “queen bee” Heather. Their actions towards the outcasts to open the film are so despicable that you just can’t wait for something bad to happen to them. Yet you tend to feel for characters like Whitney Hoy’s Bridget (who is more of a follower and is an integral part of the film’s opening B&W sequence) and Jascha Washington’s Kurtis (the only one who is friends with the outcasts in a wrong time, wrong place situation and is also integral throughout the film). There are twists in the story that you would never expect and they are so well done, altogether making for a really good revenge flick.

The Final is a great revenge film that amps up the high school bully revenge plot and adds a twist of Saw like references with Marc Donato leading a great ensemble cast of outcasts. Definitely worth checking out.


After Dark Films presents an Agora production. Director: Joey Stewart. Producer: Jason Kabolati. Writer: Jason Kabolati. Cinematography: David McFarland. Editing: Bill Marcellus.

Cast: Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, Lindsey Seidel, Travis Tedford, Eric Isenhower, Vincent Silochan, Whitney Hoy, Justin Arnold, Julin, Laura Ashley Samuels, Hunter Garner, Preston Flagg, Matthew Posey.